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  1. the urbanist: dubai
    The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Dubai, According to LocalsA proper haul includes Arabian incense, camel-milk chocolate, and a made-in-the-UAE sandboard.
  2. the urbanist: bangkok
    Handmade Lutes, Herbal Inhalers, and Other Souvenirs You Should Buy in BangkokPut down the snake whiskey. Step away from the elephant pants. Our sources have better ideas for what to bring home.
  3. souvenirs
    Offerman Made Canoe Paddles for Parks & Rec Fam“World champion.”
  4. che belissima
    A Fancy, Golden Italian Paper Made From Secret Family TechniquesThis is not something you throw away.
  5. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain’s Souvenirs Are Much More Interesting Than YoursTony went to Libya, and all he got was this piece of a dictator’s house.
  6. souvenirs
    Commemorate Your Pregnancy With 3-D Fetus Model KeychainThey gestate so fast.
  7. the urbanist: cape town
    10 Souvenirs You Should Buy in Cape Town, According to LocalsA proper haul includes Zulu ceremonial spoons, Kalahari salt, and buttery-soft leather bags.
  8. the urbanist: london
    11 Souvenirs You Should Buy in London, According to LocalsPay no mind to those telephone box keychains and Queen Elizabeth bobbleheads. Our insiders have much better suggestions for gifts to go.