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  1. After Stealing Cab, Considerate Drunk Woman Arrested While Stopping to Puke Who said manners were dead? 
  2. Convicted Speed Demon Afroduck Flees to Canada The biggest lesson that I learned through all this is that if the cops come knocking at your door, don’t cooperate.”
  3. Speed Cameras Are Making the City Lots of MoneyAnd possibly cutting down on speeding.
  4. De Blasio on Speeding SUV: Respect the NYPDHe doesn’t see a problem here.
  5. Speed-Tracking Cameras Can Make the City Money While Making It SaferA test batch has resulted in 12,000 violations since September.
  6. George Zimmerman Pulled Over Again for SpeedingThe acquitted killer got a ticket this time.
  7. NYPD Gave More Sidewalk-Cycling Tickets Than Speeding Tickets Last YearBut speeding is deadlier.
  8. New York May Get Speed Cameras to Ensure City Traffic Remains Maddeningly SlowPossible bonus: Fewer dead pedestrians.
  9. Mark Sanford Probably Even Less Popular Now, AmazinglyThat’s what happens when you go and speed and get out of a ticket for it because you are the governor.