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‘Beethoven’s Producer’ Shows the Changing Tide in Digital Comedy

It's been nearly two years since we featured Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman's work, and in that time, digital comedy's landscape has changed quite a bit. "Our new sketch is specifically about a content gatekeeper ruining an artist's work [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

The Year’s Best Joke Is Also Its Saddest

Kyle Kinane used the lag time between when Netflix specials are taped and when they air to make the most impactful piece of comedy this year.

By Jesse David Fox

‘Triple Kiss’: Billy Scafuri Goes Solo

With these ten minutes of sweet absurdity, the longtime Harvard Sailing Team (HST) member has flexed his muscles as a solo creator with an unmistakable directorial voice. The groundwork has been laid for a longer-form Billy, a Billy that -- [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne