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  1. people's choice
    The Best Ski Goggles on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Every time I wear these goggles, I am drenched with compliments both on and off the slopes.”
  2. strat investigates
    Does the Arc Trainer Really Burn As Many Calories As It Claims?We found out whether gym machine calorie counters are actually accurate.
  3. people's choice
    The Best Ellipticals on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I got this little gem and it’s nice for quick morning and evening workouts.”
  4. people's choice
    The Best Treadmills on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersTurn your living room into a home gym.
  5. people's choice
    The Best Yoga Mats on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This isn’t for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is yoga.”
  6. people's choice
    Best Cruiser Bikes for Men and Women, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“I can’t say enough about this bicycle. I love it like I loved my first car.”
  7. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts, According to ExpertsFrom a classy pocketknife to a tent that’ll fit the whole family.
  8. people's choice
    The Best Kettlebells on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Man, this thing weighs a ton!”
  9. the hard to shop fors
    The Best Gifts for Golfers, According to Golf Dads (and One Golf Mom)Rangefinders, hinged golf clubs, and more things to improve their swing.
  10. trust me i should know
    The Best Weighted Vests for Making All Kinds of Exercise Much HarderTrain with it, and once you take it off, you’ll be amazed by your endurance.
  11. the best. really.
    The Best Stadium Seats and Cushions, According to SuperfansThese are necessary if you want to avoid “bleacher back.”
  12. people's choice
    The Best Fitness Rebounders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Rebounding is my absolute favorite exercise, and this is the best rebounder I have ever tried.”
  13. recommended by experts
    The 9 Best Bikes for Kids, According to Cycling ExpertsWhether they’re learning to ride or mastering new tricks.
  14. people's choice
    The Best Under-Desk Ellipticals and Cycles, According to Amazon Reviewers“Once it becomes habit, you’ll find yourself pedaling while creating spreadsheets without even thinking about it.”
  15. people's choice
    The Best Electric Scooters on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersRechargeable, lightweight, and speedy electric scooters for kids, teens, and adults.
  16. people's choice
    The Best Exercise Bikes on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic ReviewersIncluding at-home spin bikes, recumbent bikes, and under-desk exercise bikes.
  17. trust me i should know
    The Moisture-Wicking (and Non-Smelly) Running Shirts I Wear for WorkoutsBetter running shirts that keep me dry — and won’t reek.
  18. underwear week
    The Best Exercise Underwear for Men, According to Fitness ExpertsIncluding picks for running, weightlifting, hiking, and more.
  19. people's choice
    The Best Electric Back Massagers on Amazon, According to ReviewersMore convenient than a trip to the chiropractor.
  20. strat investigates
    Does This $600 NBA Player–Approved Massager Actually Work?It’s called the TheraGun, and CrossFit enthusiasts swear by it.
  21. trust me i should know
    What I Tell People Who Ask Me What Men’s Running Shoes to BuyMy five favorites for every day, traveling, wet weather, and more.
  22. trust me i should know
    The Hiking Shorts I Wear for Just About Any Outdoor TrekThe five shorts I wear whether I’m climbing mountains or plunging in riverbeds.
  23. people's choice
    The Best Dive Watches on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“You can spend the extra $4,000 for a Rolex, but it won’t be any more accurate.”
  24. trust me i should know
    Everything I Wear (and Bring) When I Go KayakingAnd no, the towel is not optional.
  25. recommended by experts
    Which Scooter (and Helmet, of Course) Should You Buy for Your Kid?According to parents and professional scooter-tricksters.
  26. recommended by experts
    The Best Bike Helmets for Commuters, According to Cycling ExpertsProtect your head in rose gold or leopard print.
  27. trust me i should know
    All the Gear That’s Gotten Me Through 5 MarathonsConsider this your marathon starter kit.
  28. recommended by experts
    The Best Soccer Cleats, According to Soccer PlayersAs you might expect: Nike and Adidas dominate here.
  29. recommended by experts
    The Best Swim Goggles, According to Instructors, Coaches, and SwimmersNever get water in your eyes again.
  30. this thing's incredible
    The Only Sports Lock I’ve Never Forgotten the Combination ToI’ve had it for three years — which is a new personal record.
  31. recommended by experts
    The Best Golf Shoes, According to Pros, Instructors, and GearheadsGet traction and stability on the course — without sacrificing comfort or style.
  32. recommended by experts
    The Best Affordable Fishing Rods for Less-Than-Expert FishersTen expert-approved fishing rods for beginning, intermediate, and advanced fishers who don’t want to spend a ton of money.
  33. recommended by experts
    The Best Bike Locks, According to Cycling ExpertsIncluding one that’ll make thieves fahgettaboudit.
  34. recommended by experts
    The Best Bikes for Beginning Commuters, According to Cycling ExpertsIncluding options under $500.
  35. father's day 2018
    The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Golf DadsIncluding high-tech gizmos for lining up his shot and a discreet flask for sneaking a different kind of shot.
  36. recommended by experts
    The Best Gear for Beginning Triathletes, According to ExpertsEverything you need to get your swim-bike-run on.
  37. the best. really.
    What’s the Best GPS Running Watch for Your Goal?For everyone from weekend warriors to veteran triathletes.
  38. trust me i should know
    I Have Run Hundreds of Miles in My Favorite Pairs of Trail Running ShoesThe best trail running shoes for any situation, including extreme terrain, ultralong distances, and even when you’re traveling.
  39. the best. really.
    What Are the Best Workout Shoes for Women?We talked to 12 women who do everything from HIIT to distance running — plus, our expert chose six of her favorite running shoes.
  40. the best. really.
    What Are the Best Gym Shorts for Men?A dozen picks in various lengths for the treadmill (or free weights or yoga or cycling) junkie.
  41. i'm not a professional. just crazy.
    The Best Women’s Running Clothing, for Every Kind of WeatherFrom warm and sunny to below zero.
  42. recommended by experts
    The Best Shoes and Gear for Rock Climbers, According to Bouldering InstructorsShoes, harnesses, a carabiner, and some poop bags.
  43. one-stop shop
    The Best Fitness and Workout Clothes, Accessories, and EquipmentAll of the best equipment, clothing, and accessories for your fitness needs.
  44. testing testing
    These Running Shorts Saved Me From Destroying My UnderwearThey come with their own (incredibly comfortable) liner built right in.
  45. the best. really.
    What Are the Best Sports Shoes for Men?Ten average — but very fit — Joes on the shoes they wear to run, cross-train, and lift.
  46. the best. really.
    The Best Yoga Mats to Buy, According to YogisFor every type of yoga enthusiast.
  47. the best. really.
    What Is the Best Foam Roller?Do you even roll, bro?
  48. i use this for that
    Massage Sore Muscles With This … Black & Decker Power Tool?It’s designed for car- and boat-polishing projects, but does double duty as a handheld massager.
  49. Ask the Strategist: The Best Bike RackIt’s the size of a tangerine and can hold up to 80 pounds.
  50. weird things we love
    Strat Face-off: Battle of the Muscle MassagersIs the Tiger Tail or Thera Cane better for rolling out knots?
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