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  1. The U.S. May Be Preparing to Charge WikiLeaks Founder Julian AssangeIt’s still unclear how they could charge him without creating legal problems for mainstream journalists.
  2. State Department Employee Accused of Aiding Chinese Intelligence AgentsShe allegedly accepted tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts in exchange for government information.
  3. Amid Deepening Rift, Trump Plans Review of Intelligence CommunityStephen Feinberg, a billionaire Trump ally, has reportedly been tapped to look into streamlining the agencies.
  4. Russian Hackers Also Targeted Trump Campaign, GOPAttacks took place over an extended period of time and targeted multiple Republican organizations.
  5. tca 2016
    10 Things We Learned About The Americans’ Final Seasons at TCA #PoorHenry is the new #PoorMartha.
  6. The NSA Stopped Bulk-Collecting Americans’ Phone Records Last Night Two-and-a-half years after Edward Snowden revealed the existence of the practice.
  7. Jonathan Pollard, American Who Spied for Israel, Has Been Released From PrisonPollard will serve five years parole in New York before joining his wife in Jerusalem.
  8. European Union Countries Encouraged to Offer Snowden Asylum In a narrow vote.
  9. U.S. Tells China’s Fugitive-Hunting Spies to Go HomeThey’re believed to be using “strong-arm tactics” on Chinese expatriates.
  10. Obama Won’t Pardon Snowden Because Some People Signed an Online PetitionBut keep sending in those “We the People” queries.
  11. American Who Spied for Israel Will Be Released on Parole SoonJonathan Pollard has been in prison since 1987, and will be released on parole in November.
  12. Jeb Bush Is Strongly Opposed to Edward Snowden’s Theoretical HomecomingEric Holder, who is no longer in the Obama administration, said there’s a “possibility” for a plea deal.
  13. Edward Snowden Takes Victory Lap in New York Times Op-EdHe says we’re “witnessing the emergence of a post-terror generation.”
  14. Trend Watch: Senate, Obama Confirm ‘Patriot’ Is Out, ‘Freedom’ Is InThe NSA reform legislation has been signed into law.
  15. House Votes to Curb NSA Data Collection, Setting Up Senate BattleIf Congress doesn’t act, the Patriot Act will expire at the end of the month.
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    Jeb Bush Is Not His Brother, But He Loves His NSA Spying ProgramIn fact, it’s his favorite thing about the Obama administration too.
  17. John Oliver Asks Edward Snowden If the NSA Can See Americans’ Dick PicsThe answer is usually “yes.”
  18. New Leak Details Activities of Spy Agencies The revelations will be published by Al Jazeera and The Guardian. 
  19. British Spy Agency Collected Journalists’ EmailsAnd assessed reporters’ “potential threat to security” alongside those of terrorists and hackers.
  20. Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Has Been Living With Him in Moscow for a While As a new documentary reveals. 
  21. The NSA Wants to Recruit Teen Hackers for GoodKeep your enemies closer?
  22. Feds Threatened Fine to Get Yahoo PRISM DataThe NSA plays hardball.
  23. Julian Assange: Leaving That Embassy EventuallySoon.” The man is all about building anticipation.
  24. Edward Snowden Gets 3 More Years in Russia, and He Can Go on Vacation NowThe NSA leaker receives a three-year residence permit.
  25. The U.S. Government Has a New Edward Snowden on Its HandsGlenn Greenwald’s the Intercept has a national security source with access to classified documents.
  26. CIA Admits It Spied on Senators, After Insisting It Didn’tA big black eye for director John Brennan.
  27. Snowden: The NSA Has Seen You NakedAnd if you’re attractive, the agency may have passed the photo around. 
  28. The U.S.-Germany Spy Scandal: A PrimerA dummy weather app, a speech impediment, the Fourth of July, and much more!
  29. FBI and NSA Spied on Prominent Muslim-Americans, Snowden Leak RevealsIncluding civil rights activists, academics, and a Republican political candidate.
  30. The CIA Isn’t Great at Punishing Employees for HarassmentIt’s hard to hold people accountable when everything is a secret. 
  31. Now Everyone Can Follow the CIA for a ChangeOn Twitter, obviously.
  32. Of Course Oliver Stone Is Directing an Edward Snowden MovieHe’s called the NSA leaker a “hero” and President Obama a “disgrace,” so …
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    Edward Snowden: ‘Sometimes to Do the Right Thing You Have to Break a Law’The NSA leaker defends himself in his first American TV interview.
  34. John Kerry to Edward Snowden: ‘Man Up’The secretary of state is not impressed by the leaker’s interview from Russia.
  35. Edward Snowden Says He’s ‘Trained As a Spy,’ Not Just a Low-Level Hacker The government’s description of his work is “misleading.”
  36. White House Publicizes CIA Chief’s NameOops.
  37. Brian Williams Lands Snowden InterviewThe NBC News anchor also interviewed Greenwald.
  38. Snowden Hired Lawyer to Negotiate a Plea DealThe talks didn’t get very far.
  39. Snowden Regrets Participating in Putin PropagandaI don’t think there’s any shame in saying that he made an error in judgment.”
  40. Snowden Says He Asked Putin About Spying to Catch Him in a LieThe NSA leaker says he wasn’t trying to “whitewash” Russia, but that he was thinking a few steps ahead.
  41. Russia Deploys Edward Snowden Cameo at Vladimir Putin Propaganda ShowThe two had a friendly chat about how Russia would never spy on its people like the U.S.
  42. NSA Gladly Used Heartbleed Bug to Steal Passwords: Report [Updated]For two years, leaving regular internet users vulnerable.
  43. Senate Report: CIA Lied Repeatedly About Its Interrogation ProgramTo justify the use of brutal tactics.
  44. NSA Chief Assures Jimmy Carter That They Aren’t Spying on HimOne American down, only 299,999,999 to go.
  45. Obama Plan Would End NSA Bulk Data CollectionIf Congress passes the legislation.
  46. Did the CIA Spy on a Senate Investigation?An internal review has begun.
  47. Obama Has Four Options for Revamping NSA Phone Surveillance, And None Are IdealHe can annoy phone companies, the FISA court, or privacy advocates.
  48. NSA Stops Tapping Merkel’s Phone, Spies on Hundreds of German Leaders InsteadJust like Obama promised.
  49. Judge Rules NYPD Spying on Muslims Didn’t Hurt While It Was SecretA lawsuit against the police has been dismissed.
  50. Journalists Win Polk Award for Snowden Leak ReportingNew question: “Accomplice” or “award-winning journalist”?
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