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  1. breaking and entering
    Languid Stalker Breaks Into Taylor Swift’s Home to NapIn her bed, no less.
  2. court orders
    Judge Commits Gigi Hadid’s Stalker to a Psychiatric FacilityA Manhattan court found him mentally unfit.
  3. love and war
    Study Confirms Watching Love Actually Is Bad for YouScience can ruin anything.
  4. Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Has Some RegretsNo one will hire me.”
  5. 5 Insane Moments From the Alec Baldwin Stalker TrialThe woman was held in contempt and found guilty.
  6. Man Arrested Outside John Kerry’s Home Was Drinking, Taking PicturesClearly, he’s never heard of Snapchat.
  7. death threats
    Miranda Kerr’s Stalker Made Plans to Kill HerThis is from a man who calls her his “soul mate.”
  8. stalkers
    Another Criminal Thinks He’s Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend24-year-old Wisconsin man showed up at her Nashville home uninvited to celebrate her birthday.
  9. casting couch
    Drea de Matteo Cast in Lifetime MovieSigh.
  10. Stalkers
    Theo Epstein’s Stalker Just Wanted to Bring Him Burger KingWho could say no?
  11. Alec Baldwin Has a Stalker The actor had Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin arrested last night.
  12. Ivanka Trump’s Stalker Is a Free ManJustin Massler has confessed and been released.
  13. Yankees G.M. Brian Cashman’s Alleged Stalker ArraignedPitchers and catchers and stalkers reporting.
  14. Georgina Bloomberg’s Stalker Remembered to Wish Her Father a Happy PassoverOne could do worse?
  15. Father and Son Arrested for Harassing PalinsThere’s a sexting element to this story.
  16. Man Arrested for Stalking Tamron HallKevin Lee Miller lurked outside the MSNBC anchor’s home and followed her.
  17. Paris Hilton and Boyfriend Attacked by StalkerWhile on the way to testify against another stalker. Awkward!
  18. Kennedy Daughter’s Stalker a Free ManI respect that lady from the bottom of my heart.”
  19. Facebook Literally Cannot Handle How Much You Want to Stalk Your CrushThe stalking app has been banned!
  20. Kennedy Daughter Never Told Stalker, ‘Hey, Quit Being a Stalker’That’s all the stalker wanted to hear.
  21. Mark Zuckerberg Is to China As Paris Hilton Is to JapanMark Zuckerberg gets his own starstruck tech stalkers.
  22. Uma Thurman’s Stalker Extradited to New YorkJack Jordan is back, everybody.
  23. Kathryn Erbe Stalker ConvictedAfter just five hours.
  24. Former Law & Order Star Kathryn Erbe Enters Real CourtroomWhere is Goren when you need him?
  25. Former New York Firefighter Busted for Stalking MadonnaThe Universe brought us together!”
  26. Facebook Dispenses With the Networking Ruse and Goes Straight to StalkingFacebook is just trying to help.
  27. Ali Wise Pleads GuiltyWill avoid the bad lighting of jail.
  28. Ivanka Trump’s Stalker Wanted Tucker Max to Join His ‘Group of Real-Life Superheroes’Max wasn’t so into the idea.
  29. stalkers
    Justin Timberlake Wins Restraining Order Against ‘Bizarre’ StalkerSinger being stalked by middle-aged breaker-and-enterer.
  30. Stalking
    Status Update: Which Chefs Are Your Facebook Friends?Did you know Waldy Malouf is a “sexual god”? Neither did we, till we found him and 99 other chefs on Facebook.
  31. Uma Thurman Stalker Sentenced to Three Years of BoredomA judge took not pity on Jack Jordan, who was today given a harsh punishment for stalking Uma Thurman.
  32. Uma Thurman’s Stalker Found Guilty on All ChargesThe jury finds Jack Jordan guilty of stalking and aggravated harassment.
  33. Uma’s Stalker Swears He’s One of Those Nice StalkersAccused stalker Jack Jordan takes the stand. He doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about!
  34. Uma Testifies, Calls Stalker ‘Scary’And this is coming from the woman who made ‘Kill Bill.’
  35. early and often
    Uma Thurman’s Parents Testify Against Her StalkerAnd we learn why it would be possible to fall in love with them, just a little bit.
  36. Uma Thurman’s Stalker Makes Us Empathize With Her AgainSeriously, that guy sounds creepy. Now can we get her in some romantic comedies again?
  37. Meg Ryan Has Been in the Business for 2,000 Years “I’ve been in the business for like 2,000 years,” Meg Ryan said when we hunted her down her at the Hollywood Life House after-party for her Sundance movie The Deal. Ryan, notoriously reclusive these days, had skipped the red carpet, and to find her we had to slip into the house undetected, evade three bodyguards, several clipboard-toting publicists, and her co-star William H. Macy, and stand for 45 minutes behind a large Chinese urn clutching a giant bunch of flowers while we waited for the precise moment to slip unnoticed into the room she was in. And there we were, face to face with the sweetly smiling blonde we remembered from When Harry Met Sally and other nineties romcoms. She sounded like a crotchety old man. “It’s absurd,” Ryan said, of making movies. “It’s an absurd way to spend your time.” But, she said, it’s also rewarding. “There’s a lot of really great, creative people,” she said. “There’s a lot of maniacs, idiots, too.” Present company excluded, we’re sure. “I run into maniacs and idiots all the time,” she continued, looking at us warily. (We were only kidding about the urn part, by the way.) Ryan excused her exhaustion by saying she had just finished making four back-to-back movies. “After you extend yourself like that, you want to hibernate,” she said. We asked where she would be curling up for the rest of the winter. You know, just in case we needed to get in touch. “I’m not going to tell you,” she said. Then she walked away. —Darrell Hartman
  38. Conan’s Stalker Loves Fellini, JesusWe learn today that Conan O’Brien has a stalker, which is no big news. David Letterman had one before Conan was even a twinkle in NBC’s eye. But what’s interesting here is that Conan’s stalker is a Catholic priest. A totally scary Catholic priest, in the awesomest way. In Father David Ajemian’s letters to Conan, some written on parish letterhead, he comes out with quotes like this: “I’m told by some of those officious little usher people that you’re overbooked. Is this the way you treat your most dangerous fans? You owe me big-time, pal. I want a public confession before I even consider giving you absolution.” Wow, we never before thought of confession and absolution in such a terrifying/erotic way. (There are other letters where he issues veiled threats at Conan’s life, which are, you know, less funny, like when he compares himself to the Virginia Tech killer.) Other fun facts about Ajemian? Well, when he was ordained, the Boston Herald said he was a “turned on to religion partly by Federicio Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita.” Oh, yeah, and he went to college with Conan. Yeah, that’s right. Harvard: just as unscrupulous with admission as the Catholic clergy. Priest Jailed in Stalking of Conan O’Brien [NYT]
  39. Paul Once Had a Girl, Or, Shall We Say, She Once Had HimWas Heather Mills — Paul McCartney’s one-legged ex-wife-to-be — once a high-priced hooker? She says no, an alleged client says yes. Ron Perelman and Tory Burch are dating, but not exclusively. Chris Cornell’s stalker may be British, which may be a problem if he goes to London for the new Bond movie premiere. Paris Hilton is also in London but, oddly enough, not staying at the Hilton. Calvin Klein’s daughter just sold an apartment for a lot of money; she bought a new one for slightly more. Katie Holmes declines a possible Oscar nod for her role in Thank You for Smoking, presumably because Tom told her to. By the way, they’re getting married soon, and not even Liz Smith is invited. Queen Latifah got into a tiff with Law & Order’s Billy Burns at an airport, unless she didn’t. Jude Law and Sienna Miller split yet again, but this time Jude did the dumping. Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley finally agree on visitation rights for their kids. Eddie Murphy’s sweetie, the artist formerly known as Scary Spice, is pregnant, and he’s still going out on dates with other women. Naomi Campbell (accidentally) hits someone with her purse. Oprah’s non-lesbian lover, Gayle King, told Will Smith she was married to a cheater. Sayeth Lindsay Lohan: “I feel like I’ve lived five lives and I’m only 20.”