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  1. the brock turner case
    Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Remains Guilty of Sexual AssaultThree judges unanimously upheld all three counts against him.
  2. the brock turner case
    The Brock Turner Judge Could Lose His Seat TodayHere’s what to know about Judge Aaron Persky’s recall election.
  3. sexual assault
    Stanford Reportedly Rejected Brock Turner Victim’s Memorial Plaque SuggestionsThey allegedly suggested “I’m okay, everything’s okay” instead.
  4. Suit Claims Stanford Treated Sexual-Assault Cases with Deliberate IndifferenceThree women who reported sexual assault on campus were reportedly mistreated by the university.
  5. campus sexual assault
    Stanford Takes Down Sexist Webpage About Alcohol and Sexual AssaultHow was this still up in 2016?
  6. alcohol
    Stanford’s Solution to Campus Rape Is Banning Hard Liquor From PartiesThe school calls this “a targeted approach that limits high-risk behavior.”
  7. personal branding
    Tyra Banks Is Going to Teach a Class on Smizing at Stanford“If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them.”
  8. channing tatum
    Channing Tatum Speaks Out About the Stanford Sexual Assault Case“Rape culture is a very real thing.”
  9. stanford rape case
    Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim’s Letter Will Be Read Aloud to CongressThe special order is being led by California Representative Jackie Speier.
  10. The Judge in the Brock Turner Case Is Receiving Death ThreatsThe sheriff’s office has increased security at the courthouse.
  11. sexual assaut
    ‘Heroes’ Who Rescued Stanford Assault Victim Speak Out for the First TimeThe two Swedish Ph.D. students found Turner assaulting the victim and held him down. 
  12. campus sexual assault
    CNN Anchor Reads Letter From Victim of Stanford Assault Live on AirAshleigh Banfield dedicated the entirety of Monday’s Legal View to discussing the Stanford swimmer assault case.
  13. sexual assault
    Stanford Victim’s Powerful Letter to Her Rapist“To girls everywhere, I am with you.”
  14. awful things
    Brock Turner’s Dad Pens Letter in Son’s DefenseHe calls the assault “20 minutes of action.”
  15. college week
    The Instagram Generation Goes to CollegeHow women are documenting their undergrad experiences.
  16. Stanford Is Now Basically a Venture-Capital Fund With Some DormsIt’s giving money to student start-ups now.
  17. CEO 101: The Stanford Class That Is Humanizing Silicon ValleyInside CS198, the class that teaches hackers how to be humans.
  18. Helen Gurley Brown Puts $30 Million Toward Saving JournalismThe legendary ‘Cosmo’ editor is making a huge donation to Columbia and Stanford.
  19. Stanford Withdrew Its Bid for a New York Campus [Updated]Cornell’s chances to win the tech sweeps are looking better.
  20. Which School Will Rule Roosevelt Island?Either Cornell or Stanford, probably.
  21. Universities Compete to Build New York City a Campus for GeeksStanford wants to build a campus on Roosevelt Island.
  22. Harvard MBA Larry Estrada Will Do No Harm at Goldman SachsBut he will be AWESOME.
  23. Harvard and Stanford Tuitions Break $50,000That Harvard, always on top.