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  1. The Perfect Star Wars Gift for Every Room of the House101 semi-essential basics (or however else you’d classify a BB-8 nutcracker).
  2. The Only Bad Thing About The Last Jedi Is How It Treated Admiral AckbarThe guy who spoke the second-most-famous line in Star Wars history deserved better.
  3. $$$$
    So, How Much Money Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi Make This Weekend?It obviously made a lot of money. But how much?
  4. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Was ‘F-cking’ Upset Mark Hamill Didn’t Share Star Wars Spoilers“Oh my gosh, Dad Vader!”
  5. space nuns nothing but space nuns
    The Last Jedi’s Best Creatures Are the Judgmental Fish-NunsSorry, Porgs.
  6. How The Last Jedi Handles Carrie Fisher’s DeathOne scene in particular plays very differently after the actress’s passing.
  7. Did You Catch the Brazil Reference in The Last Jedi?Bureaucracy calls, even in a galaxy far, far away.
  8. star wars: the last jedi
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Star Wars: The Last JediThe spoilers are strong with this post.
  9. The 10 Horniest Things in Star Wars: The Last JediFrom that big shirtless scene to everything Oscar Isaac has chemistry with.
  10. The Last Jedi Is the Most Populist Star Wars Movie YetPrevious installments were borderline feudal.
  11. the phantom lettuce
    Even Star Wars Fans Have Drawn the Line at This R2-D2 Dole LettuceThe produce company gets the 2017 award for most absurd tie-in.
  12. Rian Johnson Didn’t Want to Do a Sequel. Then Came Star WarsThe director once told Vulture that he said no to every franchise offer. So how did The Last Jedi convince him to say yes?
  13. In Defense of Hayden Christensen’s Performance in the Star Wars Prequels#JusticeforHayden
  14. word games
    A Stupid Little Star Wars Game to Play With Yourself to Pass the TimeIt will make you rethink how you say the words “star” and “wars.”
  15. space dern
    Laura Dern Gives BB-8 the Pep Talk It — and You — Needed“Honey, you don’t have to be nervous!”
  16. If the Star Wars Prequels Took Place in a Galaxy With Modern Child-Labor LawsWhat the prequels would look like if the Galactic Republic had employed 21st-century standards of child welfare.
  17. Here’s Why ‘Duel of the Fates’ Transcends the Star Wars PrequelsThe theme speaks to John Williams’s genius at writing earworm tunes that feel like primal, eternal music echoing from the beginning of time.
  18. star wars countdown
    Every Line From a (Non-Leia) Woman in Star WarsTrust us, you definitely have time to watch.
  19. 11 Star Wars Prequel Ideas Abandoned by George LucasIncluding “You might say I’m your father” and Jar Jar’s sidekick.
  20. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Shockingly GoodIt feels like the first time the Force has extended to the director.
  21. 35 Famous People You Forgot Were in the Star Wars PrequelsIncluding Keira Knightley, Sofia Coppola, Joel Edgerton, and the creator of Star Wars himself.
  22. review roundup
    Critics Call The Last Jedi the Best Star Wars Movie Since Empire Strikes BackEarly reviews of the latest Star Wars installment have been overwhelmingly positive.
  23. Every Star Wars Prequel CGI Character, Ranked From Tolerable to InexcusableFrom Jar Jar to Sebulba.
  24. star wars countdown
    Looking Back at New York’s Critical 1977 Review of Star WarsStar Wars will do very nicely for those lucky enough to be children or unlucky enough never to have grown up.”
  25. star wars prequel week
    The Case for Star Wars’ Midi-ChloriansIn defense of a hated aspect of the prequels.
  26. The Star Wars Prequels Should Have Fewer Human-Sized AliensA hot, science-based take.
  27. star wars prequel week
    How The Phantom Menace’s Epic Lightsaber Fight Came TogetherIt involved fighting backwards.
  28. bffs
    Thom Yorke and BB-8 Had a Glorious Meeting of the MindsBleep bleep bloop bleep.
  29. Revisiting Carrie Fisher’s Best Interview MomentsFisher, a notable absence on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi press tour, always knew exactly what to say.
  30. The Evolution of the Movie TrailerThere’s a reason we don’t hear “in a world” anymore.
  31. the star wars universe
    What Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia Meant to the Women of The Last Jedi“[She was] without shame,” said Laura Dern.
  32. late night on late night
    Laura Dern Fangirling About Meeting Chewbacca Will Make Your DayHe smelled great.
  33. exit strategy
    Barring Apocalypse, Daisy Ridley Is Amenable to Playing Rey Again in 30 Years“If in 30 years we are not living underground in a series of interconnected cells … then sure. Maybe.”
  34. emo kylo ren
    Excuse Me, Adam Driver Doesn’t Know What Emo Is?“What is emo?”
  35. Phil Lord and Chris Miller Discuss Being Kicked Off the Han Solo Movie“I think everybody went in with really good intentions and our approach to making the movie was different than theirs,” Lord said.
  36. running time
    The Last Jedi Will Apparently Be the Longest Star Wars Movie YetPrepare to spend a long AF time in a galaxy far, far away.
  37. select all
    This Video-Game Company Now Has the Most-Hated Comment in Reddit HistoryPlayers are mad they have to play a game for a long time to get a reward.
  38. lucasfilm
    Rian Johnson Is Creating a New Star Wars TrilogyJohnson wrote and directed the forthcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  39. star wars
    Luke Skywalker Boots Up the Millennium Falcon in Last Jedi PromoPlus, more glimpses of Leia, Finn, and Rey.
  40. space laura dern
    Laura Dern Shares Another Photo of Space Laura Dern, Her Star Wars CharacterThis mauve hair!
  41. names
    The Han Solo Star Wars Movie Has a Pretty Obvious TitleIt’s…
  42. star wars: the last jedi
    Breaking Down the New Star Wars: The Last Jedi TrailerIt seems to conclude with an unlikely alliance.
  43. star wars: the last jedi
    In New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer, Luke Has a Bad Feeling About ThisEpisode eight is a mere two months away.
  44. Every Harrison Ford Movie, RankedAs Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters, we evaluate everything from American Graffiti to Indiana Jones.
  45. audio books
    Just 20 Descriptions of Jon Hamm’s VoiceWhen Jon Hamm says “Tatooine,” it sounds dirty, like you must make sure no one overheard what you and Jon Hamm are gonna be up to later.
  46. New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pics Show Rey and Luke Having a Stare-DownThese are the photos you’re looking for.
  47. frittatas
    Harrison Ford Enjoys the Vice TV Show Fuck, That’s Delicious and a Good FrittataFord met a correspondent who was sleeping on the couch at his son’s apartment.
  48. return of the j.j.
    J.J. Abrams Will Replace Colin Trevorrow on Star Wars: Episode IXEpisode IX’s release date is also pushed back from May 24, 2019 to December 20, 2019.
  49. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Wants You to Consider Werner Herzog for the Next Star Wars Movie“In a galaxy far, far away — as far away as a mother’s affectionate glance or the cold touch of your sobbing lover.”
  50. Colin Trevorrow’s Firing Means No Director Will Ever Be Bigger Than Star Wars“He’s a difficult guy. He’s really, really, really confident. Let’s call it that.”
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