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  1. get out of my chair
    Harrison Ford Surprised Alden Ehrenreich During a Solo Interview“Get out of my chair.”
  2. All 19 Star Wars-Themed Sketches Produced By Saturday Night LiveFrom Bill Murray’s lounge singer in 1978 up through Donald Glover’s bit about diversity in a galaxy far, far away.
  3. tie-ins
    Solo Cups’ Star Wars Tie-in Is Obviously PerfectWhen a movie’s already called Solo, the co-brand opportunities are built right in.
  4. last night on late night
    SNL Mocks the Shocking Lack of Black People in Star Wars and Star Trek Films“Lots of lizardmen wearing vests. Just four black people though.”
  5. 7 Star Wars Spinoffs That We’d Like to SeeDarth Jar Jar deserves his own film.
  6. box office gold
    Avengers: Infinity War Had the Biggest Opening Weekend Box Office of All TimeWith $250 million earned in the U.S. alone, Infinity War knocked The Force Awakens, and, uh, every other movie ever released, out of the park.
  7. oopsie
    Alden Ehrenreich Probably Wasn’t Supposed to Say He’s in for 3 Solo Movies“I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public. But — yeah.”
  8. Disney Screened a Sneak Peek of Solo: A Star Wars Story at CinemaConDetailing the first meeting between the young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.
  9. fan theories
    Margaret Atwood Attempts to Clarify “Star Wars Inspired 9/11” CommentsThe Handmaid’s Tale author pointed to A New Hope when discussing the terrorist acts earlier this week.
  10. fan theories
    Margaret Atwood Thinks Star Wars Caused 9/11“The only difference is, in ‘Star Wars,’ they get away.”
  11. hmmm
    Margaret Atwood Thinks Star Wars Caused 9/11“The only difference is, in Star Wars, they get away.” Hmm.
  12. Here’s a Sneak Peek at Queer Eye Season TwoThis is not the sneak peek you’re looking for.
  13. solo: a star wars story
    New Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer: Everything You’ve Heard About Lando Is TrueWith a little help from his trusty Phoebe Waller-Bridge bot.
  14. reshoots
    Screenwriter Says Rogue One Was ‘Just a Mess’ Before ReshootsTony Gilroy describes Disney as being in “so much terrible, terrible trouble” before the Star Wars spinoff was salvaged.
  15. fan theories
    Simon Pegg Said J.J. Abrams Had a Different Plan for Rey’s Parents in Star WarsPegg says Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi undid Abrams’s plans for the Star Wars heroine.
  16. 4 Ways 2001: A Space Odyssey Was a Visual-Effects PioneerThe cinematography inspired scores of artists, from George Lucas to ‘N Sync.
  17. Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Shares New Details About the Troubled ProductionIncluding Alden Ehrenreich’s acting coach, the contrasting directing styles of Chris Miller and Phil Lord and Ron Howard.
  18. deleted scenes
    Kelly Marie Tran Actually Bites Domhnall Gleeson in Deleted Last Jedi SceneWouldn’t we all take a snap at Hux if we could?
  19. carrie fisher
    Harrison Ford Feels Carrie Fisher’s Force at Mark Hamill’s Walk of Fame CeremonyHarrison Ford had some kind words for the late icon.
  20. lucasfilm
    Jon Favreau is Getting His Own Live-Action Star Wars SeriesIt will premiere on Disney’s forthcoming streaming platform.
  21. last night on late night
    SNL Asks: How the Hell Is Everyone in Star Wars Fluent in Every Language?“This is crazy. I only speak human.”
  22. New Movies and Shows on iTunes: March 2018Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I, Tonya, Phantom Thread, and more.
  23. J.J. Abrams Says If You’re Threatened By Women, Star Wars Probably Isn’t For You“If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in Star Wars.
  24. Why Do Some Star Wars Fans Want the New Han Solo Movie to Flop?“I was thinking maybe if it does bad, Disney will be smarter with how they do these future things.”
  25. star wars
    Disney Is Developing Multiple Star Wars TV ShowsAnd they will belong specifically to the company’s forthcoming streaming platform.
  26. star wars
    Game of Thrones’ Benioff and Weiss Are Getting Their Own Star Wars MoviesThey’ll be separate from both the Skywalker saga and Rian Johnson’s films.
  27. Maybe Star Wars Should Go Easy on the British BrunettesIs this the distaff version of Dunkirk?
  28. trailer mix
    Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer: For the Angsty Boy!See it in theaters May 25.
  29. trailer mix
    See the First Teaser for Solo: A Star Wars StoryOh, hello, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.
  30. Reed Morano Says Peter Dinklage Would Be the Lead in Her Star Wars MovieEven though she claims that rumors of her piloting the Millennium Falcon are “just rumors.”
  31. star wars: the last jedi
    Rian Johnson Explains the Precedent for That Luke Twist in The Last JediHe also has an explanation for that thing that happened with Leia.
  32. movies
    Golden Girls: The Post’s Caftan and Last Jedi’s Robe in ConversationThe season’s two standout costume pieces on working with Meryl, motion-capture acting, and the film industry.
  33. viral trends
    The Kylo Ren Challenge Is a Hilarious Celebration of Men’s High-Waisted PantsHere’s what the latest viral challenge entails.
  34. money money money
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was the Highest-Grossing Film in 2017It’s earned over $1 billion worldwide since opening less than three weeks ago.
  35. Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Isn’t Actually a Box-Office DisappointmentWhat The Last Jedi’s box-office performance might really be in need of is a little context.
  36. the cinema experience
    AMC Comes to Its Senses and Removes Last Jedi Spoiler DisclaimersSpace Dern is appreciative.
  37. icons
    Mark Hamill Remembers Carrie Fisher With Iconography Fit for a QueenThis is a deity we could get behind.
  38. hunks
    Adam Driver on His Last Jedi Shirtless Scene: I’m Sexy and I Know ItHe works out.
  39. what would carrie fisher do?
    Feign Surprise When We Say Carrie Fisher Wrote The Last Jedi’s Funniest LinesNow, which ones were they?
  40. Star Wars Planets, RankedFinally, an answer to the immortal question: Coruscant or Tatooine?
  41. Star Wars Breakout Kelly Marie Tran on The Last Jedi and Shirtless Kylo Ren[Screams for several seconds.]
  42. 2017 Was the Year of the Replacement Movie DirectorThis year’s hottest trend was hiring, firing, and hastily replacing your director in the middle of a shoot.
  43. star wars
    An Appreciation of the Bizarre 1980 Star Wars Christmas AlbumIt somehow features Jon Bon Jovi’s first recorded performance.
  44. star wars: the last jedi
    The New Aliens From The Last Jedi, Ranked From Cute to HorrifyingYou might be surprised at how the Porgs stack up.
  45. select all
    The Best New Star Wars Fan Fiction, From Pregnant Kylo Ren to Droid SlashAll the droid-on-droid action you didn’t know you needed.
  46. star wars: the last jedi
    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has a Snoke ProblemThe absence of a backstory does not create mystery. It creates questions.
  47. The Perfect Star Wars Gift for Every Room of the House101 semi-essential basics (or however else you’d classify a BB-8 nutcracker).
  48. The Only Bad Thing About The Last Jedi Is How It Treated Admiral AckbarThe guy who spoke the second-most-famous line in Star Wars history deserved better.
  49. $$$$
    So, How Much Money Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi Make This Weekend?It obviously made a lot of money. But how much?
  50. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Was ‘F-cking’ Upset Mark Hamill Didn’t Share Star Wars Spoilers“Oh my gosh, Dad Vader!”
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