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  1. An Open Letter to the Star My Uncle Named After Me, by Matthew David Brozik Dear ASASSN-15lh, You probably don’t know me, but my name is Kate and I am nine years old. I live on Earth, which is the third planet from […]
  2. it's science!
    A Theory About the Moon, From Jake Gyllenhaal“That seems scientific to me.”
  3. Critical Backlash
    When Chefs Go to War With Critics Over StarsSome Dallas restaurateurs are boycotting their local critic — but they’re right to complain about an outdated system.
  4. Lists
    10 Awesomely Outrageous Stories About Tavern on the Green’s New ChefOnly one chef sipped crème anglaise straight from a Brandy snifter every morning to treat hangovers.
  5. Lists
    Here Are the 2015 Michelin Stars for New York CityDaniel lost a star, Blanca gained one, and Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare remains on top.
  6. best friends forever
    Taylor Swift is Hailee Steinfeld’s “Big Sister”It’s a starlet-mentoring program.
  7. meet the new astrologer
    Meet the Cut’s New Astrologer David Scoroposki, the man who’ll soon be reading all things sun and moon for the Cut.
  8. Video Feed
    Jeremiah Tower Talks Midnight Snacks, Cole Porter, and CaviarSee his interview with Liam Mayclem, shot in June.
  9. Local Legends
    Scenes From Last Night’s Stars Reunion Dinner With Chef Jeremiah TowerIt was a regular love fest amongst a bunch of old friends and colleagues.
  10. Openings
    Maestro Finally Open in Former Stars SpaceThey’ve been open for a little bit, it seems, but no one noticed.
  11. Quote of the Day
    Wherefore Stars?“If you read the reviews believing that all restaurants with a given number of stars are meant to be equally good, you’re going to lose your mind.”
  12. Tower of Power
    Jeremiah Tower Credits L.A. For Inspiring Stars and the Modern Restaurant“RW Apple called Stars the most democratic restaurant he had ever seen. But it was only because of that inspiration that came out of L.A.”
  13. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts: From Creators Project to Treasure Island Music FestivalPlus Florence + the Machine.
  14. Worship
    Jeremiah Tower on Decamping to Mexico, Champagne Fasting, and All the New Books“Why are so many menus exactly the same? People are really taking themselves way too seriously.”
  15. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Extras: A Mini-Review of Una Pizza Napoletana, and a Look Back at StarsFinally, Bauer writes something about Una Pizza.
  16. it's science
    You Became Even More Insignificant TodayThere may be three times as many stars as previously believed.
  17. stars
    Dancing With the Stars Cast Includes Bristol, the Situation, and the HoffCompetitors for the eleventh season are officially announced.
  18. stars
    Bristol Palin to Dance With the StarsShe’ll join fellow A-listers David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, The Situation, and Brandy.
  19. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Pinto, Lithgow, ReitmanPlus: the xx to tour North America this fall.
  20. stars
    Muppets Finally to Be Honored for Inspiring Bodies of WorkOprah, Tina Fey, and Gwyneth also to get stars on Walk of Fame.
  21. Local Legends
    Whither Jeremiah Tower?
  22. music
    Download a Free MP3 of Stars’ New Single, ‘Fixed’It’s a synthy, upbeat track off their upcoming album.
  23. stars
    Altuzarra AscendantThe New York–based designer went from culty darling to crossover success last week.
  24. Cleanup
    Eureka Restaurants Survive Earthquake With Minor DamageSaturday’s quake caused most of Eureka’s restaurants to close for the night, but mostly because of the power outage.
  25. Lists
    Tokyo Motors Past Paris in Michelin Three-Star RestaurantsThe city now has the most three-star restaurants in the world.
  26. The Other Critics
    Batali Reaches for the StarsMario is greedy for more Michelin and ‘Times’ stars.
  27. Lists
    Winners and Losers: A Closer Look at Michelin’s 2010 PicksWho snagged stars and who got downgraded?
  28. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Is Asked to Kindly Loosen His Grip on Those StarsHis one-star review of the Standard Grill has rankled a couple of fellow writers.
  29. Openings
    What to Eat at Parkside Tavern, Opening TodayNew Sunset restaurant plans “San Francisco Pub Food” and a break from the cold in the Outer Sunset.
  30. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls Grade Starlet Style MakeoversHow are Fergie, ScarJo, Katie Holmes, and other famous faces faring aesthetically in 2009?
  31. Celebrities Vote Just Like Us!Paul Giamatti and Conan O’Brien have been spotted in voting lines with regular, non-famous, ugly people!
  32. right-click
    Ani DiFranco Rocks for Traditional ValuesPlus: A mash-up! Wait, come back!
  33. cultural capital
    Madonna’s Buns Are Made of Knowledge, Not Steel, Says PaltrowIn the July issue of ‘Bazaar,’ Gwyneth Paltrow spills the secrets Hollywood trainers don’t want you to know about.
  34. right-click
    Flight of the Conchords, Unlikely StudsPlus Grizzly Bear, Stars, and Anthony and the Johnsons!