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  1. bad science
    What a Fake Donald Trump Paper Can Tell Us About Bad ScienceHumor at its nerdiest.
  2. A Lesser-Known Form of Pollution Is Affecting One-Third of HumanityNinety-nine percent of the U.S. and Europe suffer from it.
  3. horrible things
    LGBT People Most Frequent Targets of Hate CrimesWell before Orlando, this was the case.
  4. instant grammifcation
    Instagram Data Reveals People Love CelebritiesWho won Fashion Week? Hint: not the clothes.
  5. the sports section
    12 Stats That Explain the Mets’ SuccessHow their unexpected playoff run happened.
  6. statistics
    Watch This Soothing Norwegian Dog-Walking VideoBut don’t watch the dog!
  7. Can Happy Street Signs Solve Newark’s Crime Problem?An unprecedented social experiment is about to begin.
  8. studies
    There Is No Difference Between Online and ‘Real-Life’ DatingHalf of single people flirt online — even if they don’t use dating websites.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Downgrades Crimes Despite Its Best Efforts, Report FindsOfficers do it “from time to time,” Ray Kelly says.
  10. baby names
    Hillary: The Most Poisoned Baby Name in U.S. HistoryMothers abandoned the name at record speed, starting in 1992.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    New York Crime Is (Mostly) Down After SandyEverything except burglaries dropped way off.
  12. statistics
    The World’s 7 Billionth Person Is Expected to Be Born on MondayA Halloween baby!
  13. Beer Me
    Are Americans Drinking Less Beer, or Just Less Crappy Beer?While big beer’s sales continue slipping, craft brews’ keep growing.
  14. blobs
    For Twenty Years Now, a Higher Percentage of New Yorkers Have Fled This State Than Have Residents of Any Other StateBut we keep having an insane amount of babies, so our population remains the same!
  15. crime
    Criminologists Shocked That Americans Didn’t Respond to the Recession by Burgling and Killing One AnotherWell, they kind of did in New York.
  16. knicks
    The Post-Trade Knicks, in Statistical FormOne blog crunches some numbers and finds that the Knicks have become a parody of a Mike D’Antoni team.
  17. traffic
    More New Yorkers Are Killed at Signaled Intersections Doing the Right Thing Than Anything ElseClassic.
  18. kobe bryant
    Economists Talking About Kobe Bryant’s Clutch Performance Aren’t Thinking Things All the Way ThroughComparing apples to oranges to Andrea Bargnani.
  19. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  20. neighborhood news
    Nate Silver: More on New York Neighborhood Livability IndexThe statistician explains the numbers behind our neighborhood ratings.
  21. things we already knew
    Study: New Yorkers Are Among the Least Likely to Fall Victim to ScamsAnd yet we still buy Knicks tickets, year after year.
  22. Statistics
    Bro-ing DownNumber of times the guys from Artichoke said the word “bro” in the time it took to pound two slices around 1 a.m. this morning: fourteen.