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Stealth Sluts

  1. ‘Slutty Eyebrows’ Is Now an Internet InsultIn the words of Tina Fey, “You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores.”
  2. Don’t Expect to Stay the Night at Moby’s Place, LadiesThe musician and noted stealth slut has difficulty sleeping next to someone else.
  3. Malcolm Gladwell, Fluttery-Fingered SeducerThe author has skills that extend beyond writing best-selling books.
  4. Gwyneth, Dunst, & Moby at Two Lovers’s ScreeningTo celebrate the sale of his apartment in the El Dorado this fall, the musician held a small orgy.
  5. Moby Loves It When We Call Him a SlutMoby is still talking about the time when we called him a “stealth slut.” But he protests that he’s not the sluttiest guy around! Wilmer Valderrama, for example, has defiled many more young actresses. Maybe.
  6. In Which We Quiz Moby About Being a Stealth Slut, Having a Crush on Hayden ChristiansenHow is it possible that a short uncute electronica musician like Moby has become a storied New York playboy? We ask the man himself.