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    BTS Release Their First-Ever English Song, With Help From Steve AokiTheir third collaboration is their biggest yet.
  2. Tom Morello Previews New Solo Album Featuring Big Boi, RZA and MoreHe’s already released two of the new tracks featuring Vic Mensa and Knife Party.
  3. This Is All You Need to See to Understand Vin Diesel’s Music Career▶️ “When the Fast & Furious megastar played the track … it brought Diesel to tears.”
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    Watch Wynter Gordon Beat Up Steve Aoki in His Video for ‘Ladi Dadi’Girls rule, boys drool [blood].
  5. Lawsuits
    Gerard Butler, Laura Prepon, Mark Ronson, and Steve Aoki Swept Up in RestaurantA star group of L.A. investors is accused of shady practices at Shin Korean BBQ.
  6. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Nicki Minaj to Arcade FirePlus: Cut Copy, Ke$ha, Diddy Dirty Money, yhe Kills, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  7. Reopenings
    Steve Aoki Reclaims Hollywood’s Shuttered Cinespace As Dim Mak StudiosThe Benihana heir and celebrity DJ will reopen the space in the summer, while currently running it as a pop-up.
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    Only Unfamous Aokis Are involved in Family Squabble, Reports Disapointed TabloidSad face.
  9. 21 questions
    Steve Aoki Is Much Happier Now That He Quit World of WarcraftName: Steve Aoki. Job: D.J., designer, Benihana heir, and celebrity friend. Aoki will be spinning this Saturday night at Room Service. Age: 29. Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Malcolm X. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? Cabana. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? Run a record label, clothing line, and studio time when I’m in L.A.
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Threatens All of Its Great Loves“I performed in a speakeasy and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.”
  11. ‘Gossip Girl’ Threatens All of Its Great Loves“I performed in a speakeasy and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.”
  12. cultural capital
    Steve Aoki Is an Artist! (We Think) We’ve long been confused by what exactly Steve Aoki’s deal is. Does the Benihana heir live here or in L.A.? He’s always here, but then he’s always in L.A.! And is he actually a D.J.? And a record-label owner? And a clothing designer? Or is he really just like the male Asian hipster version of Paris Hilton and all these “business”-type things are really just a sideline to his real gig, which is going to parties and hanging out with famous people? He is friends with Lindsay Lohan, after all. Well. We’re even more confused by his presence on Fashion: The Life, the Pepsi-sponsored online MTV micro-series about start-up designers, since Aoki’s Dim Mak clothing line is actually designed by other people. Hell, even he seems confused: “I’m an artist for art’s sake,” he explains in the first “Webisode” (click above to see). “My entire goal is because I’m an artist.” Related: Rocky Aoki’s Family Horror Show