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  1. Steve Cohen’s ‘Cheater Magnet’ Hedge Fund Has a New NameIt’s not Metta World Fleece.
  2. Former SAC Portfolio Manager Mathew Martoma Convicted, But Steve Cohen Is SafeFor now.
  3. Steve Cohen Rolls OverThe Greenwich God is pleading guilty, paying $1.2 billion, and shutting down his fund to outside investors.
  4. Steve Cohen and Guy Fieri: BFF?This is damning. Really damning.
  5. How E-mail Is Swallowing Our LivesIt changes how we think — even how we breathe.
  6. Steve Cohen Partied Through SAC Capital’s Criminal IndictmentOr right after it, anyway.
  7. It’s Doomsday for SAC CapitalSteve Cohen’s mega-fund may not survive its grand jury indictment.
  8. Congressman Steve Cohen Forced to Explain Another Tweet This one was about race.
  9. Congressman Thought He Had a Secret Illegitimate Daughter, But He Doesn’tRepresentative Steve Cohen was wrong.
  10. Steve Cohen Is Mulling Whether to Throw in the TowelThe SAC Capital billionaire is considering a deal that would shut his hedge fund.
  11. Representative Steve Cohen Really Showed the Media by Calling Cyndi Lauper HotWorst “ruse” ever.
  12. Hedge-Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen Had a Week of YOLOThe ups and downs of Greenwich’s man of mystery.
  13. Steve Cohen’s Post-Settlement Retail Therapy: A $155 Million PicassoYOSO. (You only settle once.)
  14. Hedge Fund Tycoon Steve Cohen Is ‘Happy’ to Part With $600 MillionAt least it’s just money.
  15. Congressman Reveals Seemingly Shady Tweets Were Sent to Long-Lost Daughter This week on “All My Congressmen.”
  16. Steve Cohen’s Deleted State of the Union TweetsThe Internet is still forever.
  17. SAC Capital’s Outlook Settings May Save It From DoomThe magic of auto-delete reveals itself.
  18. Turns Out ‘Black Edge’ Is a Hedge-Fund Term, Not a Fungal DiseaseTwo new profiles of the Most Interesting Man in Connecticut.
  19. Art Basel Reeling Over Steve Cohen’s DisappearanceNo more “liquid.”
  20. SAC Capital Is Girding Its Gold-Plated Loins for S.E.C. ChargesSteve Cohen’s hedge fund says it got a Wells Notice from the S.E.C.
  21. The Feds Are Closing In on Steve CohenThe SAC Capital billionaire is losing plausible deniability.
  22. the stamford smoke-out
    SEC Brings Steve Cohen In for a Little Talking-ToThe Keystone Kops head to Stamford.
  23. Steve Cohen Wants a Piece of the MetsAnd he got it.
  24. SAC Capital Eyed in SEC Probe of Biotech DealThe circling sharks get closer to their prey.
  25. The Mets Pick a Preferred Bidder ... Not Named Steve CohenCongressional investigation into SAC Capital ramps up.
  26. The Softer Side of Steve Cohen’s Life of LeisureHe finds the Dutch Masters dark and ugly.
  27. The Mets Try to Get Out of Bed With Steve CohenBreakups are all about perception.
  28. Steve Cohen Will Not Be ‘Distracted’ by an ‘Intensifying Probe’Steve’s “pretty confident” he’s not getting charged with insider trading.
  29. careless whispers
    Insider-Trading Investigation Probes Steve Cohen’s ‘Big Book,’ But Not Steve CohenThere’s a whole lot of probing going on.
  30. What Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Cohen Have in Common?An auction at Christie’s.
  31. Sports Teams Are Once Again Hedge Fund Status SymbolsBut what happens to the hedge funds?
  32. Steve Cohen Picked the Perfect Time to Auction His Warhol of Elizabeth TaylorNow!
  33. FBI Cannot Get Over How Badly Hedge Funders Suck at Cover-upsWorst. Crime family. Ever.
  34. Steve Cohen’s Hedge-Fund Managers Charged With Insider Trading, Cinematic Cover-upOh, hello again, Steve Cohen.
  35. Democratic Congressman Doesn’t Think It’s Uncivil to Compare the GOP to NazisThis whole civility thing is going to be tough.
  36. A Little Thing Like a Subpoena Won’t Stop Steve Cohen’s Miami Spending Spree‘Let me ask you a question,’ he said to a reporter, turning around. ‘Do I have a bull’s-eye on my back?’”
  37. Federal Investigators Circling Steve CohenSAC Capital gets a subpoena.
  38. Will Steve Cohen Settle Now?Beware “the Wharton Mafia.”
  39. Watch Congressman Steve Cohen Being Very, Very WhiteThis is not how one should dance to rap music, or to anything.
  40. Steve Cohen Had His Reasons for Giving an Interview to Vanity FairAnd it had less to do with clearing his good name than showing off his good side.
  41. Will Steve Cohen Settle?The billionaire hedge-fund master’s ex-wife upped her demands yesterday, asking for a share of his company. Steve Fishman explains the legal and emotional gambits in play.
  42. Steve Cohen’s Ex-Wife Demands ‘a Substantial, If Not Controlling, Interest’ in SAC CapitalWhy not ask for the whole thing?
  43. Steve Cohen’s Ex-Wife Is Being Sued by the Lawyer She Hired to Sue HimPatricia Cohen’s legal crusade against her billionaire ex just got more complicated.
  44. music
    Alex Chilton Paid Tribute in Congress“He is the embodiment of Memphis music: hard, different, independent, brilliant, beautiful.”
  45. Steve Cohen Breaks Up Long Periods of Meaness With Hilarious JokesIt’s not all fear and shivering at SAC Capital.
  46. Rabbi Accused of Trying to Extort Millions From Mysterious ‘Connecticut Hedge Fund’Hmmm, which one, we wonder?
  47. Steve Cohen’s Ex-Wife Drops LawsuitWell, mission accomplished, anyway.
  48. Reuters Editors Increasingly Testy Over Hedge-Fund Story QuestionsThey didn’t kill a story about Steve Cohen just because he asked, okay?
  49. Another SAC Employee Accused of Insider TradingMore bad news for Steve Cohen’s hedge fund.
  50. The World’s Most Secretive Hedge-Fund Manager Once Went on TV to Talk About His RelationshipSteve Cohen and his ex-wife discussed their relationship with famed hostess Christina.
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