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The Complete Guide to Everything: Modern Art

This week we’re talking about something neither of us is qualified to talk about in anyway whatsoever: Modern Art! But before the conversation gets all hoity-toity we discuss Tom’s love of summertime and seasonal beers. We also discuss the [...]

By Splitsider Editors

Aziz Ansari: ‘Fuck You, Sting’

Be careful, Aziz, a "fuck you" to Sting is like an 11-hour ordeal. (Are Sting tantric sex jokes still what's kewl on the streetz? No? Oh, oops.) Regardless, Aziz's point is very valid. Being a stand-up never gets easier because after each new [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Snooki Loses Her Pouf

The Snooks and the Sitch represented at last night's Grammys, and more in our celebrity gossip roundup.

By Katie Goldsmith