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  1. government shutdown
    Shutdown, Market Crash, and Mattis Out: A Chat About Trump’s Week of ChaosThree Intelligencer writers try to make sense of the madness.
  2. Corporations Invested Their Tax Cuts Into Stock Buybacks That Didn’t Even WorkInstead of making capital investments or increasing wages, corporate America is plowing record sums into buying their own shares at a high.
  3. The American Economy Isn’t ‘Great Again’ — But It’s Still SolidTrump’s policies haven’t supercharged the good economy he inherited — but they haven’t slowed it down (yet).
  4. Investor Fears of Democratic Win Could Aid Democratic WinSeems that the S&P averages have often declined just prior to midterm elections.
  5. No Longer a ‘Blip’: Stocks Skid Yet AgainIt’s now officially a “correction,” but the volatility may continue.
  6. Good Economic News Triggers Stock-Market PlungeTrump, like his predecessors, is learning that good economic news sometimes quickly produces the opposite.
  7. Trump: Stock Market Booming ‘Because of Me’And he’s so modest, too!
  8. Trump Claimed He Sold All His Stocks Before the 1987 Market Crash. He Was Lying.A biographer found evidence that he was still holding a large position in a department store.
  9. Will the Economy Save Trump and His Party?So much of this presidency is a mess that the idea of him or the GOP making a comeback seems far-fetched. But then there’s the economy.
  10. meal kit woes
    Blue Apron Stock Is Now Cheaper Than a Blue Apron MealOne research firm even says the target price should be just $2 a share.
  11. meal kit woes
    Does Anyone Actually Like Blue Apron?The meal-kit-delivery service’s stock-market debut was unimpressive.
  12. Chaos in Washington Dimming Prospects for GOP Tax CutsCongress was already running out of time to enact tax reform this year. Now all hell has broken loose, and Wall Street isn’t thrilled.
  13. Don’t Worry About Companies Trump Attacks on Twitter — They’re Doing Just FineNordstrom’s shares are up, despite Trump’s hostile tweet. That has become a pattern.
  14. Donald Trump Shoots Down Boeing’s Stock PriceTrump cancels an “order” of new 747 Air Force One planes over Twitter, and one of the largest companies on the Dow sees its share price slide.
  15. Britain Votes to Leave the European UnionBrexit is complete, and global markets are tanking in response.
  16. Rich Guy Now Even Richer Than Other Rich GuyMark Zuckerberg just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the world’s fourth-richest person.
  17. Alphabet Now the Most Valuable Public CompanyKnocked out (a still very flush) Apple.
  18. Why You Should(n’t) Panic About the Stock MarketA guide to whether you should be freaking out.
  19. The Hong Kong Dollar Is CrashingThe biggest two-day drop since 1992.
  20. The Stock Market Is Having a Bad Case of the MondaysThe Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled by more than 1,000 points this morning. 
  21. Today Is a Great Day to Buy Lots and Lots of Stocks!*Strangely, Tuesdays have been good days for the Dow for twenty straight weeks now. 
  22. Chewed Up
    Gum Sales On the DeclineCould this be the end of Chiclets?
  23. Stocks Must Have Surged Today Because of Romney’s Debate WinOr maybe it’s … anything else.
  24. Facebook Stock Sinks Below IPO PriceThe second-day slump is upon us.
  25. Dow Closes Above 13,000 for First Time Since May 2008Arbitrary milestone!
  26. Dow Reaches Number With Aesthetically Pleasing Number of ZeroesThe market briefly hit the symbolic 13,000 milestone this morning. 
  27. The Empire State Building Is Going PublicThe company that owns the famous skyscraper filed for a $1 billion IPO today.
  28. The Stock Market Is Crazier Than Ever, But No One Really Knows WhyThe problem could be cyclical.
  29. U.S. Stocks Tumble After Global Sell-offGains made after last week’s tumble have been wiped out.
  30. The Yo-Yo Shift on Wall Street’s Wild Week: The Diary of an Anonymous Trader” I’m down the price of two college educations in the time it takes to cook a lobster. Feel like a total moron.”
  31. Stocks Plummet Yet Again, and This Time It’s France’s FaultNearly erasing Tuesday’s gains.
  32. Wall Street Crashes, London Burns: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Discuss Downgrades, Riots, and the Portents of McQueenPanic, anger, and dread.
  33. You Know, If You Wanted to, SEC, You Could Probe S&P and Threaten Its Rating LicenseJust sayin’.
  34. Markets Close Way Down Despite Obama’s ReassuranceThe Dow plunged below 11,000 to end the worst day on Wall Street since 2008.
  35. Return of the Sad Traders: Proof That Americans Don’t Understand the EconomyOur most reliable photographic economic indicator has officially returned.
  36. Stocks Dip Sharply South, AgainBut man, gold is killin’ it.
  37. Berlusconi Gives the Stock Market a Little HelpAnd it’s not even a buxom blonde!
  38. The Stock Market Is Looking Really Bad: Four Theories on Why [Updated]Silver lining: Gold’s up.
  39. The Stock Market Tanked Today AnywayTurns out the economy is still terrible.
  40. It Is Very Difficult for Steve Jobs to Keep His iPad Secret When You Insider Trade His StockIt’s hard out there for a tech pimp.
  41. Despite Soaring Stocks, Netflix Might Be in for a Bumpy RideA look at Netflix’s future potential.
  42. Congressional Aides Are Really Good at Trading Stocks!But it’s totally NOT because they’re using insider information.
  43. Stock-Trading Computers Helped Screw Up the Markets YesterdayDamn you, machines!
  44. betting on the box office
    Box Office Stock Market Gets ApprovalChance to bet on the box-office revenue of Hollywood releases.
  45. Marketing Gimmicks
    Smith & Wollensky Now Accepts Stocks for SteakGot your bonus in stocks instead of cash this year? Don’t despair!
  46. Financial Woes
    Stockholders Lose Faith in Casual Dining and Fast-Food JointsEven though they’re performing better than expected.
  47. Barbie: A Beacon of Hope in a Turbulent WorldYour semi-regular digest of not-so-terrible economic news.
  48. Recession Is Your Friend
    Prepare to Be Hugged by Hurting RestaurantsAlready, the year isn’t looking pretty for restaurants. But diners may end up benefiting.
  49. Today Was a Medium Day on Wall StreetAnd in these times, medium equals awesome!
  50. Stock Market Lunges Just When Our Backs Were TurnedAnd normally we like that! What’s up today in the economy …
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