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Stop And Frisk

  1. chicago
    Trump: Stop-and-Frisk Will Save ChicagoThe law and order president wants to stop crime with an unconstitutional practice.
  2. new york beginnings
    The Crime-Fighting Program That Changed New York ForeverIs CompStat’s main legacy safe streets or stop and frisk?
  3. What Lester Holt Got Wrong About Stop-and-Frisk in the Presidential DebateThe tactic is constitutional, but its use in New York might not have been.
  4. stop-and-frisk
    What Are the Psychological Effects of Stop-and-Frisk?Donald Trump wants to bring it back, but it probably made it harder for police to do their jobs in the long run.
  5. Trump Appeals to Black Voters With Call for Chicago Stop-and-FriskThe GOP nominee suggests “black-on-black” crime can be solved by forcing all police departments to unconstitutionally search young black men.
  6. law enforcement enforcement
    Police Nonfatal Force DOJ Report A new DOJ study on the heavy-handed (but nonfatal) treatment of minority groups by cops.
  7. New Study Links Stop-and-Frisk With AnxietyAnd more police stops meant worse mental health. 
  8. new york's finest
    The NYPD Can’t Stop Changes to Stop-and-FriskReforms will finally be implemented after a judge’s decision today.
  9. bill de blasio's new york
    Bill Bratton Says NYPD Morale Was ‘Awful’ Before He Took OverThe new police commissioner swipes at the old one.
  10. bill de blasio's new york
    De Blasio Drops Another Bloomberg NYPD LawsuitThe new mayor again undoes the work of the old one.
  11. new york's finest
    NYPD Really Wants to Keep Stopping and FriskingPolice unions are trying to block De Blasio’s settlement.
  12. bill de blasio's new york
    De Blasio Undoing Bloomberg’s Stop-and-Frisk AppealThe new administration filed paperwork today to drop its inherited fight.
  13. bill de blasio's new york
    Stop-and-Frisk Problem ‘More or Less Solved,’ Says BrattonThe stops were already way down before he took over.
  14. The Onion Examines the Controversy Over ‘Stop and Kiss’Here is a funny video. 
  15. stop and frisk
    Court Rejects City’s Motion to Toss Out Stop-and-Frisk RulingThe legal battle to protect stop-and-frisk might be over.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Cops Are Increasingly Over Stop-and-FriskLatest quarterly drop of 80 percent is the sharpest.
  17. new york's finest
    Ray Kelly Calls Out Fake-Friend Democrats Over Stop-and-Frisk“They were pandering to get votes.”
  18. everybody loves statistics
    Stop-and-Frisk Doesn’t Yield Many ConvictionsThough the NYPD says that’s not what it’s for.
  19. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Resists Urge to Gloat About Stop-and-Frisk, Embrace Weiner CostumeWhere’s his Halloween spirit?
  20. stop and frisk
    Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Blocked by Appeals Court, Judge Removed From CaseBloomberg and the NYPD are still in this thing.
  21. the third terminator
    N.Y. Post, NYPD Scaremonger Over Stop-and-FriskIt’s a coordinated scaremongering effort.
  22. the racie for gracie
    Would a Democratic Mayor End the NYPD’s Muslim-Surveillance Program?The answer seems to be no.
  23. party chat
    Questlove Is Stopped So Frequently by the Police, ‘It’s Like Breathing’Questlove shares his thoughts on stop-and-frisk. 
  24. the racie for gracie
    GOP Mayoral Candidates Break With Democrats on Stop-and-Frisk, CondomsAt Wednesday’s debate.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    The NYPD Is Stopping and Frisking a Lot Less These DaysAnd yet, crime continues to decline.
  26. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Admits He Might Reconsider Stop-and-Frisk If He Had a (Black) Son“I might feel differently about it, but nevertheless.”
  27. stop and frisk
    Ray Kelly Unsurprisingly Unswayed by Stop-and-Frisk RulingHe spent Sunday defending the practice on TV.
  28. neighborhood news
    Insane Upper West Side Woman Goes Off on Stop-and-Frisk, Outer Boroughs“You don’t want those people living around you!”
  29. stop and frisk
    The Daily Show Imagines Stop-and-Frisk for White People“If you don’t want to be associated with white-collar crime, maybe you shouldn’t dress that way.”
  30. Is Today the Beginning of the End of America’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Policies?The key question: How much have we given up?
  31. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Extremely Angry at Stop-and-Frisk Ruling “You couldn’t be more wrong!”
  32. nypd blues
    Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional, But It Won’t StopThe NYPD will instead get a federal monitor to oversee the program.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    Past Stop-and-Frisks to Stay in the PastEven if they resulted in a citation.
  34. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Compares Stop-and-Frisk to George Zimmerman’s ‘Suspicion’“If our government profiles people because of skin color and treats them as potential criminals, how can we expect citizens to do any less?”
  35. Obama Needs to Decide If He’s Ready to Endorse Stop-and-Frisk Ray Kelly has a great record of protecting New York. He also has lots of baggage.
  36. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Is Intimidating His Stop-and-Frisk EnemiesHe’s switching from kindness to muscle.
  37. the racie for gracie
    Quinn Already Giving Ray Kelly a Stop-and-Frisk UltimatumShe’ll keep him if she gets elected, but there are conditions.
  38. nypd blues
    Justice Department Wants NYPD Monitor, If Stop-and-Frisk Is WrongThey don’t want to weigh it on the discrimination issue.
  39. NYPD Says Stop-And-Frisk Complaints Rarely About RaceCommanders say profiling complaints just don’t come up.
  40. nypd blues
    Stop-and-Frisks on the DeclineBut they will remain a major election-year issue.
  41. the third terminator
    Two Arrested for Murder of Alphonza BryantBut was Bloomberg happy with the Times’ coverage?
  42. stop and frisk
    Ray Kelly Defends Stopping Mostly Black PeopleThe police commissioner looks to math.
  43. nypd blues
    NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Defense Is Extremely Unflattering to CopsBrass suggests quotas elicit work.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Study Finds Stop-and-Frisk Yields Relatively Few GunsOne for every thousand people stopped.
  45. nypd blues
    Ray Kelly Denies Admitting Stop-and-Frisk Targets MinoritiesSays state senator’s testimony is “absolutely, categorically untrue.”
  46. nypd
    New NYPD Chief Defends Stop-and-FriskEven though he’s been stopped himself.
  47. nypd blues
    NYPD Cops Now Have to Explain Their Stop-and-FrisksDepartment memo requires more than just a “furtive movement.”
  48. nypd blues
    Whistle-blower Audio at NYPD Trial: Stop ‘Male Blacks, 14 to 20’A commander makes stop-and-frisk targets explicit.
  49. 2013
    Bill Thompson Makes Stop-and-Frisk a Personal Issue in Mayoral RaceHe got unusually heated on the subject last night.
  50. nypd blues
    Quinn Says NYPD Inspector General Plan Can Override VetoThe NYPD is less thrilled about new oversight.
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