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Momofuku Ko Reservations May Go Live Tonight; Madman Live-Blogs Meal From iPhone

Eater reports that Momofuku Ko's reservation system may go live as early as tonight, and seats are still available for opening night. Meanwhile eGullet’s Ko thread is turning into high drama — first “Fat Guy” Steven Shaw tantalized readers by showing them his reservation confirmation, only to have it stripped from him when it turned out the system was only in beta mode. Then another user makes it beyond the doors and live-blogs his meal from his iPhone, giving a multi-post play-by-play — “Next pairing looks like it will be a sake. It is” — and even picking a dish of the year: the “shaved foie with a Riesling gelee, lychee and something crunchy.” When another user begs him to take photos, he demurs, “Sorry. I don’t take pics in restaurants. Generally try to keep a low profile.” You want to keep a low profile? Put down the phone and eat! Momofuku Ko, Collaborative Cooking from David Chang [eGullet] Ko-BOOM [Eater]