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7 Women on Why They Cheated

“I don’t cheat because I’m unhappy. I’m actually very happy in my relationship.”

By Candice Jalili

Hillary Takes a Sweet, Sweet Nap

People said naps made you feel amazing, happy, alive. These people could never run the free world.

By Liz Meriwether

A Funny Thing: Cammi Climaco Can Has Cat Puke

Our story this week: cats. They are the worst. This is inarguable, timeless wisdom. As if we needed further proof (we didn't), Cammi Climaco investigates just how much of the worst (all of it) they can be when she cat-sits two purrfect examples [...]

By Splitsider Editors

A Funny Thing: Melanie Hamlett’s Winter Was Coming

Our story this week: Melanie Hamlett was a gung-ho feminist out to pave the way for strong women everywhere, but a crippling handicap in the icy heart of the Wyoming Winter forced her latent sexual confusion to the surface in a season of [...]

By Splitsider Editors

A Funny Thing: Nick Kanellis Wets the Bedbug

Our story this week: Christian talks with Nick Kanellis about one horrible night when Nick suffered the perfect storm of bedbugs, robot vodka, human urine on an air mattress, and being cast off from the summit of Mount Olympus, home of the gods.

By Splitsider Editors

A Funny Thing: Adam Wade Tells Dan Marino Where to Stick It

Our story this week: Adam Wade, friend of the show, fearless speaker of truth to power, idolized in his youth the great Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. Years later, working for a pittance to get over a hard spot, Adam found himself in [...]

By Splitsider Editors

A Funny Thing #22: Monkey Shines with Jim O’Grady

On this week's A Funny Thing Jim O'Grady goes tete-a-tete with a clever little monkey. The prize? Romance! The complicating factor? Horror auteur George Romero! Brace yourself for the climax, a scene of wriggling, oral horror worthy of Romero [...]

By Splitsider Editors

A Funny Thing #21: Code Brown with Andrea Rosen

Paper plates, salad bowls, the unwilling folds of a boyfriend's testicles. What won't our intrepid heroine squeeze her excreta into/onto? Not much, apparently. Listen with a rictus of disgust, but listen well, as Andrea Rosen, Mayor of Brown [...]

By Splitsider Editors