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Strange Things

  1. strange things
    Googling ‘Terrence Howard’ and ‘O.J. Simpson’1995’s made-for-TV movie, The O.J. Simpson Story.
  2. strange things
    Video: Man Emerges From Grate, Throws Smoke BombIt’s unclear how he got underground in the first place.
  3. strange things
    Man Emerges From Subway Grate to Smoke-Bomb Greenwich Village Restaurant And then he disappeared back underground! 
  4. blog-stained wretches
    HuffPost Hires Ex-NFL Player and 9/11 TrutherDonte’ Stallworth is now a national security reporter in the fellowship program.
  5. strange things
    Last-Place Michael Dilger Got 54 Votes for MayorLast place.
  6. strange things
    What City’s Residents Spend the Most on Clothes?Washington, D.C., weirdly.
  7. strange things
    Vera Wang and Martha Stewart Plugged Burger-Scented Candles at a White Castle in MidtownAll proceeds from the candles will go to Autism Speaks.