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  1. strat investigates
    Why Are Gardeners So Crazy About the Haws Watering Can?It’s made of copper, over a century old, and pours water from a brass “rose.”
  2. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Candle?(That isn’t Diptyque.)
  3. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Candle?(That isn’t Diptyque.)
  4. strat investigates
    How Did a Smart Doorbell Scare Off Home Intruders?“Get away from the door!”
  5. strat investigates
    Who Makes Emma Stone’s Trench Coat in Maniac?We called the designer to get the lowdown.
  6. strat investigates
    What’s in These Supplements That Famous People Can’t Live Without?Two specific supplements will get name-checked time and again by celebrities who talk to the Strategist.
  7. strat investigates
    Is There Anything (Non-Surgical) You Can Do About Your Neck?Two dermatologists weigh in on the turkey-neck conundrum.
  8. strat investigates
    Who Makes Kendall’s Umbrella on Succession?A search for a prop that became a journey to the edge of sanity.
  9. green week
    Is There Such a Thing As an ‘Ecofriendly Hairspray?’We went in search of botanical-based sprays that still zhuzh.
  10. strat investigates
    Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Actually Do Anything?The answer’s yes, but that doesn’t mean you should wear them all day.
  11. strat investigates
    There’s a Promising New Alternative to Effective-But-Harsh RetinolsAnti-aging benefits, skin brightening, and collagen stimulation, without redness and flaking.
  12. strat investigates
    Does a Natural Antiperspirant Actually Exist?An unusually good natural deodorant made us wonder.
  13. strat investigates
    Does This $600 NBA Player–Approved Massager Actually Work?It’s called the TheraGun, and CrossFit enthusiasts swear by it.
  14. strat investigates
    Why Are So Many Guys Wearing This Striped Shirt?The original from Sandro and the dupe from Zara have been spotted around the world.
  15. strat investigates
    Do Beauty Pillows and Pillowcases Actually Work?Can you sleep your way to better skin?
  16. strat investigates
    Do Beauty Pillows and Pillowcases Actually Work?Can you sleep your way to better skin?
  17. strat investigates
    Do Lip Plumpers Actually Work (and How)?Three dermatologists weigh in.
  18. strat investigates
    Do Blue- and Red-Light Acne Treatments Actually Work?A look into the buzzy LED light therapy for skin.
  19. strat investigates
    What Is the Indoor Grill That Antoni Uses on ‘Queer Eye’?Let’s talk about that red light.
  20. strat investigates
    What Does CBD in Skin Care Actually Do?It won’t get you high, but it might clear your acne.
  21. strat investigates
    What Was the Eyeliner on the Queer Eye Guys?We called their groomer to find out.
  22. strat investigates
    What Is the Status Fanny Pack?Depends who’s asking.
  23. strat investigates
    The Future of Design Is ChubbyThe point is that it has the proportions of a baby.
  24. strat investigates
    What Are You Getting When You Buy a Refurbished Vitamix?And why are they suspiciously cheaper than a new one?
  25. strat investigates
    What Are the New Status Ceramics (That Aren’t Heath)?Don’t get caught with the same boobs planter everyone else already has.
  26. strat investigates
    Behold: A $38 Dress You Can Wear All SummerFrom a mysterious company called Venidress.
  27. strat investigates
    The Most Effective Tick Repellents for Humans (and Dogs), According to ScienceOr, how to protect yourself from ticks without tucking your pants into your socks.
  28. strat investigates
    What Does an Acupressure Mat Actually Do?A look into the massage therapy that eased my back pain in under ten minutes.
  29. strat investigates
    Strat Investigates: What Are the Amazon Fashion Secrets?“I find that if you just look at something long enough or tilt your head a little, anything can be contemporary-looking.”
  30. strat investigates
    My Mom Wants to Dress Like Holly Hunter on HBO’s Here and NowSo I tracked down the show’s costume designer.
  31. strat investigates
    The Bath Bomb — Instagram’s Favorite Bathing Toy — ExplainedUnicorn bombs, goth bombs, and green-and-blue jelly bombs.
  32. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Clog?The most ardent clog lovers all agreed, without pause.
  33. strat investigates
    The Unlikely Tale of an Amazon Coat That’s Taken Over the Upper East SideIf you wear it to SoulCycle on 83rd Street, you’ll likely be one of several to have it on.
  34. strat investigates
    The New Ceramics Is EmbroideryEverything you’ll need to get in on the trend.
  35. strat investigates
    Why Can’t I Walk 5 Blocks Without Seeing a Carhartt Beanie?From Sarah Palin to Rihanna to everywhere.
  36. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Hand Wash (That Isn’t Aesop)?Because Aesop, the perennial status soap, may be too overexposed to be truly covetable.
  37. strat investigates
    Everything You Can Do to Prevent the Spread of FluIt’s not too late to get a flu shot. And wash your hands more.
  38. strat investigates
    Is There Anything Wrong With Tap Water (and What Should You Buy to Filter It)?Instead of drinking raw water, get a water filter that actually works.
  39. strat investigates
    7 Gelatin-Free Gummies to Try If You’re Looking for Ethical Gummy BearsVegan and carnauba wax–free, but still delicious candy.
  40. strat investigates
    I Tried the ‘Old Lady’ Face Mask That’s Trending on Instagram“I feel like my face is being constricted by an anaconda.”
  41. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Fidget Spinner?Hint: It’s also marketed for stress relief, but this time it’s really, really cute.
  42. strat investigates
    Why Do Male Celebrities Love Henleys (and Which Ones Should I Get)?Celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati explains their appeal.
  43. strat investigates
    Why Are Stock Tank Pools Suddenly a Thing?The darling of the summertime DIY-er.
  44. strat investigates
    Who Makes Dev’s Plaid Shearling Coat on Master of None?We speak with the costume designer to find out this and other secrets.
  45. strat investigates
    What Were Those Patches Under Chris Pratt’s Eyes?We called his groomer to find out.
  46. strat investigates
    A Beginner’s Guide to DIY Slime, According to an Instagram Slime ExpertEverything you need to make the best slime at home.
  47. strat investigates
    Can You Trust the Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon?Yes, you can buy them — whether they’re legit is another question.
  48. strat investigates
    Why Are People Freaking Out Over This Red-Rose Cup?We talked to a Disney superfan to find out.