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What I Can't Live Without

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What Meg Wolitzer Can’t Live Without

“You don’t know it, but I think you’ll love it. I’ve bought so many copies for different people and they always do.”

By Meg Wolitzer

What Suze Orman Can’t Live Without

“Whenever I wear it, I am telling you, every single person says, ‘Can I have some? Where did you get it?’”

By Suze Orman

What Phoebe Robinson Can’t Live Without

“I just wanna go on the record to say I talk about U2 so much, I should be their publicist. I should be added to the PR team.”

By Phoebe Robinson

What Cynthia Erivo Can’t Live Without

“I was actually asked to sing the national anthem at a half-marathon and asked to run the thing, too, so I’ll be doing that in my Nike tights.”

By Cynthia Erivo

What Fran Drescher Can’t Live Without

“Artificial fragrances are almost always toxic … They just put the word ‘fragrance’ on the label. If you see that, run!”

By Fran Drescher

What Brooke Shields Can’t Live Without

“I saw this woman on the street with the coolest cross-body phone case, and I stopped her and asked, ‘Who makes that?’”

By Brooke Shields

What Pete Wentz Can’t Live Without

“I’m like, ‘Do I make my kids do the thing?’ And every chapter of Agassi’s book says, ‘I hate my dad for making me play.’”

By Pete Wentz

What Vic Mensa Can’t Live Without

“A lot of times my rings will flatten because I tend to get into fights, but I never get into fights with this. It’s a fight stopper.”

By Vic Mensa

What Elle Macpherson Can’t Live Without

“I’m Australian and live in Miami, so I wear rubber thongs — we call them thongs even though that means something different to you Americans.”

By Elle Macpherson