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  1. pranks
    Hell Yeah: Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Selling for Over $1 Million“Girl with a Balloon” was torn into strips by a shredder mounted in its frame, which, you have to admit, is hilarious.
  2. the urbanist: san juan
    A High-Low Art Lover’s Guide to San JuanFrom the streets to the galleries, there is beauty everywhere you turn.
  3. the urbanist: bogotá
    The Ultimate Street Art Guide to BogotáThis is one of the most graffiti-friendly cities on Earth, but it wasn’t always that way. Local legend CRISP explains.
  4. niche drama
    What’s Happening With This H&M Graffiti Lawsuit?Here’s what we know.
  5. gallery
    A Street Artist’s Fashion-Obsessed Alter Ego“PhoebeNewYork” is an Instagram avatar who wears chic clothes and provocative slogans.
  6. public art
    This Brand Is Putting Up Murals All Over New York CityGet out and ‘gram it.
  7. street art
    Check Out Gucci’s Massive New Mural in SohoArtist Jayde Fish designed an ode to wanderlust on Lafayette Street.
  8. gallery
    The Graffiti Artist Who Paints Over Fashion AdsRihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber have all gotten the “Flower Guy” treatment.
  9. Boston’s Sidewalks Are Covered in Secret Poems You Can Only See When It RainsRain clouds get a much-needed silver lining. 
  10. possibilities
    People Dare to Imagine That Banksy, Like God, Is a WomanSacrilege.
  11. memories
    Banksy Looks Back on His Month in New YorkRemember that?
  12. gentrification
    ‘Gentrification in Progress’ at 5PointzStreet artists wrapped the former graffiti mecca in a giant banner.
  13. Deface It Your Way
    German Fast-Food Billboards Defaced With Handy Recipe GraffitiHow about some anarchist spaghetti Bolognese?
  14. street art
    The Banksy Tour of New York City: Interactive MapWith before and after GIFs!
  15. neighborhood news
    A Least a Couple of Banksy’s New York Pieces Will Not Be Destroyed Dogs can’t be allowed to pee on all of them.
  16. street art
    Given the Chance to Buy a $60 Banksy, Most Don’tThe artist set up a sidewalk stall with few visitors.
  17. street art
    Entrepreneurial Brooklynites Charging to See Public Banksy WorkNew York City, America.
  18. photo op
    Banksy Work Washed Away in Williamsburg, TooBanksy goes to Brooklyn.
  19. street art
    New Banksy Work in NYC Vandalized, Erased Right AwayAs expected.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Arrests Street Artist for Mocking NYPD in PublicHe wasn’t hiding himself very well.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Art-School Grad Behind NYPD Drone Posters Just Daring Cops to Destroy HimHe claims to have nothing to do with Occupy, but gave an anonymous video interview.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Seriously Investigating Fake Propaganda Posters That Dare Mock the PoliceGuerrilla street art must be stopped.
  23. big ang
    Watch a Video Documenting the Creation of a Big Ang MuralNot only are they real, they’re caught on tape (the murals).
  24. game of thrones
    Check Out Likely Fake But Still Cool Peter Dinklage Street ArtAll hail The Dink! (That’s our nickname for him because we’re friends.)
  25. neighborhood news
    Astor Place Cube Gets Yarn-Bombed for FallOlek strikes again.
  26. neighborhood news
    Artist Behind Subway Etiquette Signs Now Shaming Bad Behavior AbovegroundWe’re looking at you, people who update Facebook while walking.
  27. clickables
    Check Out This Crazy Parisian Street Art IllusionThe world is flat and round.
  28. clickables
    Check Out This Very Cool Swedish Street Art IllusionHere’s “Mind Your Step,” by Erik Johansson.
  29. clickables
    Take an International Graffiti Tour on Street Art ViewThe Danes are very up on their graffiti.
  30. park slope parents
    ‘Ghost Stroller’ Freaking Out Park Slope ParentsNeighbors wonder: misplaced memorial, art project, or sick joke?
  31. artsy
    Os Gemeos Dedicate Their New Mural to Dash SnowVandals have also already tagged the mural with the phrase “Blog about this.”
  32. artsy
    Os Gemeos Begin Work on Their MuralTheir mural is currently being painted on the corner of Bowery and Houston.
  33. artsy
    Os Gemeos Tapped to Replace Haring’s Mural on Bowery and HoustonAccording to Deitch, “the mural will blend ideas from the artist’s daily life with the fantasy or ‘ludico’ world where the recognizable is harmonically blended with the abstract.”
  34. artsy
    Bowery and Houston Loses Its Keith Haring MuralThe Day-Glo corner just got a white paint job, in anticipation of a new mural.
  35. the urbanist: dubai
    The Skeptic’s Guide to Art and Culture in Dubai (Yes, It Exists)From galleries tucked inside budget hotels to compelling street art, here’s where the resident culturati get their fix.