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Dress Your Dog in an ‘Urban-Hipster Blend’

Sylyse Rivera touts his “urban-hipster blend” in this week’s Video Look Book. The pierced hairstylist is now turning his stylish eye to his three-month-old puppy, Asia. “I’m getting her into fashion, too,” Rivera says, though she can’t fit into the Timberlands he loves so much. Sylese Rivera [Video Look Book]

Nicole Poree-Zayas Has the Hookup

Nicole Poree-Zayas
Fashion-design student Nicole Poree-Zayas gets bored and then dyes her hair. It was blue, but now there’s some purple in it, which matches her striped shirt and skinny jeans. Poree-Zayas is also sporting some Supreme X Nike Blazers, but it’s not like she had to camp out to get them. No — she knows some people. See what else she knows by watching this week’s Video Look Book. Video Look Book: Nicole Poree-Zayas

New Woman Thrilled With Jacket, Anatomy

Jacie Catt
Jasmine Catt describes herself as someone who decided that “at 46, he’s going to chuck it all — including gender — and become happy.” Now, sporting a jacket that was a gift from her ex-wife, Catt is thrilled with her new life. But other ladies may not be so down with her. Watch the video to learn why. Video Look Book: Jasmine Catt

Barrister Wannabe Loves Spending Our Worthless Dollars

Brit Lawyer
British litigator-in-training Shivi Ramontar loves living in New York these days. “Everything’s kind of half-price!” she exclaims, chagrined only a little by taking advantage of today’s flaccid dollar (she must be paid in pounds). Ramontar shares her purchases and confesses her favorite city to Amy Larocca in this week’s Video Look Book. Shivi Ramontar [Video Look Book]

Flavio Romeo, Father, Stylist Extraordinaire

Actor Flavio Romeo has two daughters, which means he knows the right hairdo and hot-pink accessories are crucial, especially when you're taking a trip to F.A.O Schwarz! In this Video Look Book, Flavio explains the look he created for the girls at "The Daddy Salon." Video Look Book: Archives

Napa Mom Shows New Yorkers How to Live

Maryann Thatcher, a stay-at-home mom and vinter from Napa, visits New York to stock up on hats. She also gets her hair colored the right way, takes long baths, and shops at Bergdorf. This sounds so fun, Thatcher makes us want to take a vacation in New York. To learn more secrets of luxury tourism, watch the video. Video Look Book: Maryann Thatcher

Little Marvin Sports ‘Broke Baroque’ in Soho

Little Marvin
Little Marvin, son of Big Marvin, recently returned from French Fashion Week. Though he picked up his “broke baroque” style from the streets of New York, he has a soft spot for Parisians. “Everybody is so individual,” he says. “You don’t feel like everybody is wearing what’s hip and what’s cool. People really do their own thing.” So does Little Marvin, so we’re glad he’s one of ours. Video Look Book: Little Marvin

Soho Shopgirl Likes Taxidermy, Comfort Zones

Theresa Dapra
When Amy Larocca ran into Theresa Dapra in Soho recently, Dapra was wearing clothes inspired by the movie Party Monster. Shod in Roman shoes and socks from mom, she is also into taxidermy. But mostly, she wants her clothes to suit her: “If I’m not in clothing that fits the mood that I feel inside, then I’m not comfortable going outside my house.” Watch the Video Look Book for more sage fashion advice. Theresa Dabra [Video Look Book]

According to This Guy, We Should All Wear Suspenders

Mark Diruzza
Painter and cater-waiter Mark Diruzza entered the Pratt Institute with a nose ring and a mohawk and now wears suspenders to class at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Can Diruzza persuade you to forgo your belt for braces? He makes a compelling argument to New York’s Amy Larocca in this week’s Video Look Book. Mark Diruzza [Video Look Book]

Learning From Our Fashion Elders in Union Square

Gisela von Eicken
Sculptor and jewelry designer Gisela von Eicken is a hat person, but what she really loves is a flattering silhouette. New York’s Amy Larocca found Von Eicken near Union Square recently and learned an important truth: “When you’re 74, you can still be stylish.” Gisela Von Eicken [Video Look Book]

Colin, Sienna, and Noah Are Lifestyle Anarchist Puppeteers

"I just wanted some red to match my accordion and the blood on my skirt," Sienna Mayers explains of her costume, which she chose to wear while performing with Noah Mayers and Colin Hagendorf. The troupe's current show is called Monsters for the Ethical Treatment of People, and it requires very important outfits. Find out why puppets aren't always sensitive lovers on this week's Video Look Book. Sienna, Colin and Noah's Video Look Book, and Video Look Book archives

Katy Pyle Has a Little Bleached Rat Tail

Video Look Book
Beauty student Katy Pyle has to wear black for her classes at Aveda, which is making her "a little bit crazy." She's thinking of bleaching the rest of her hair to give herself more color, and she's taken to wearing neon glasses to give her "something to be excited about." Find out how she likes to style others in this week's Video Look Book.

Joy James Keeps It Simple in J. Mendel

The latest Video Look Book from the tents introduces us to Joy James, a businesswoman who loves original fashion because, as we know, it "tells a lot about you." So what can we tell about Joy from her J. Mendel frock and custom-made hat? Watch and see.