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On the Road Again?

A Drivers Union strike at Empire Merchants may be called off this afternoon.

By Daniel Maurer

Booze You Could Lose?

Will a labor strike affect the supply of some of your favorite booze brands?

By Daniel Maurer

Bollywood Goes on Strike!

Unions representing actors, dancers, and various technicians have gone on strike in Mumbai, effectively shutting down India's prolific film industry.

By Matthew Perpetua

Video: ‘Daily Show’ Audience, Writers Face Off

Daily Show
One week ago, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returned to production, without writers. Would the shows be any good? Would anyone watch? The reviews were mixed, as were the ratings. But what about the audience? Daily Show diehards, who have waited months for their free tickets, now receive unexpected lessons in labor relations. Plus, they have to face picketing writers while waiting outside the studio. Awkward! Late last week, we sent intrepid video correspondent Tim Murphy to try to broker peace. And while the strike continues, at least the audience doesn’t have to feel scabby about it. Video: Comedy on Strike Related: The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Displays His Strike Guilt, Unibrow Blogging the Colbert Report

By Jonah Green