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  1. sex work
    Strippers Are Protesting the Closing of New Orleans Strip ClubsAnd the loss of their jobs.
  2. dystopia
    Party During Tech Expo Features Robot StrippersCES seems to be going great so far.
  3. shes the boss
    Amber Rose Is Now the Proud Owner of a Strip ClubShe’s the new boss at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles.
  4. crime
    Crop-Top-Wearing Teen Felon Foiled by a PotatoCute mug shot, though.
  5. can u not
    State Rep Proposes Stripper Weight RequirementRelax, guys, he said it’s just a joke.
  6. dearly beloved
    Why Prince Was a Hero to StrippersHis songs were moneymakers, but it was more than that.
  7. immodest proposals
    Where’s the Female-Stripper Movie of My Dreams?An ex-stripper’s lament, in the age of Magic Mike.
  8. milestones
    Farewell, Funeral Strippers, We Hardly Knew YeFunerals in China will be less festive.
  9. Guy Who Spent $135K at Strip Club Was DruggedAn unlikely story.
  10. Strippers Caught Drugging and Robbing Rich GuysA hedge fund manager and financial manager were among their marks. 
  11. oh long island
    Long Island Nursing Home Says Residents Requested a Stripper“They welcomed it, and it looks like they had a good time,” said the facility’s lawyer.
  12. Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Showing Residents Too Good a TimeWith male strippers.
  13. make it rain
    Rihanna and Drake Spent $17,000 at a Strip ClubJust spending money on what they love: song and dance.
  14. frequently asked questions
    What Is a ‘Vegan Strip Club,’ Anyway?Frequently asked questions about Cory Booker’s micro-scandal.
  15. sad diets
    When Feeling Naughty, Aniston Eats a Kale ChipThe stripper version of oatmeal paste?
  16. McCain Proposal Could Lead to Big Stripper TipsThis would be one side effect of eliminating the $1 bill. 
  17. multi-zoom analysis
    To Discuss: Helen Mirren’s Stripper ShoesNow you have to be nice when Courtney Stodden wears them.
  18. labor strife
    Kansas Strippers Win Unemployment BenefitsThe safety net gets a safety net.
  19. daily male
    Jean Paul Gaultier’s Menswear-Slash-Strip ShowZip-away jumpsuits!
  20. Should the GOP Be Worried About Backlash From Shunned Tampa Strippers?Michael Steele has a point to make about the upcoming convention.
  21. Strippers
    Home of the $10 Strip-Club Lunch Now Serving $15 Weekend BrunchControl yourselves.
  22. Fired Stripper-Reporter Sarah Tressler Pairs With Gloria Allred for LawsuitDuh.
  23. Lap Dance Expert Compares Stripping to New York City BalletHer arguments will be heard by the New York Court of Appeals in 2012.
  24. New York Man Apparently Unaware of Hustler Club’s PurposeW.A. Ilg is suing because he got drunk and spent too much money.
  25. Diane Passage Climbing Back Up the PoleThe wife of accused Ponzi-schemer Kenneth Starr is auditioning for a new stripper reality show.
  26. In Hell’s Kitchen, Cost of Blizzard Cleanup Too Much to BareA strip joint has been brought low by the Blizzard of 2010.
  27. Judah Friedlander Teaches Karate to StrippersHere is a photo essay of 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander teaching karate to strippers from his new book How to Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional […]
  28. school daze
    Prolific Prostitute/Teacher’s Students Surprisingly Not Good at GooglingEither that, or they are surprisingly chill.
  29. 93-Year-Old Mobster Busted for Shaking Down Strip JointsAlso, the oldest woman in the world died.
  30. RNC Spent Nearly $2K on Topless L.A. Bondage BarIt sounded like a good idea at the time!
  31. movies
    Watch a Clip From Stripper, the Long-Lost 1986 Documentary About the Golden G-String AwardsAmazing.
  32. things to do in denver when you're dead
    New ‘Stripper Hits’ Radio Station Comes Complete With a Two-Drink MinimumWe’re packing our bags and moving to Denver!
  33. Susan Sarandon Joined Her Daughter for Stripper TrainingShe was awesome.”
  34. Remember That Nice Girl Who Got You Your Subprime Mortgage?Wonder what she’s doing now …
  35. White-collar Women Turning to StrippingUm, we’ve heard.
  36. Leona Almost Left Her Money to Dogs AND Poor Kids, But Then Just Settled on DogsShe cut out poor tots at the last minute! What an excuse to make a B-word pun! And Martha Stewart can’t afford her stylist anymore! That, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  37. NewsFeed
    Grind-and-Grinders Impresario Forced to Pay Subway $12,000Lesson here: Don’t use someone else’s logo when you open a sandwich shop promising lap dances.
  38. Bronx Individualist Brought Down by Corporate MachineAll Bronx sandwich-shop owner Anthony Agnello wanted was to combine his two passions: food and sex.
  39. Former Stripper Ruth Fowler Opens Her MouthThe former exotic dancer and blogger known as “Mimi in New York,” on stripping, Spitzer, and her new book, ‘No Man’s Land.’