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Stuck In The Mittle

  1. stuck in the mittle
    News Outlets Challenge Exorbitant Bills From Romney CampaignReporters dined on the world’s most expensive cold cuts.
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Man in Mitt Romney Mask Robs BankIt was probably on sale.
  3. stuck in the mittle
    Who’s Having More Fun: The Ikea Monkey or Mitt Romney?Two out-of-place creatures in a cold world.
  4. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Eases Back Into Public Life With Awkward CommentJust like old times. 
  5. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Spotted at Costco Despite Wearing a Hat and SunglassesThe cataloguing of Mitt Romney’s unfathomably boring post-election life continues.
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Rejoins Board of Company Founded by Man He’s Named AfterThe Romneys and Marriotts are old family pals.
  7. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Is Just ChillingFriends say he doesn’t know what to do with himself quite yet.
  8. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Welcomed to White House by Heckler, White Turkey ChiliHe also shook hands awkwardly with the president.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    ‘Gifts’ Remark Costs Romney Another Supporter, One Facial TattooThis is painful for all involved.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Six Things Mitt Romney Should Avoid Saying at the White House TomorrowThe gaffe potential has never been higher.
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Has Gone WildOr maybe it’s just his eyes and hair.
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Loses the Election, Goes to Disneyland AnywayIt’s not clear if this is legal.
  13. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Is Really Letting Himself GoHe’s pumping his own gas and his hair is a mess.
  14. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Camp Is Fairly Confident That Christie Made Them Lose the ElectionIf it wasn’t Obama’s “gifts,” what else could it be?
  15. stuck in the mittle
    Almost-President Mitt Romney Now an Anonymous TeenagerHis date night with Ann consisted of Twilight and pizza.
  16. stuck in the mittle
    Republicans Really Wish That Mitt Romney Would Shut Up NowLast week’s “gifts” comment isn’t doing the party any favors.
  17. stuck in the mittle
    Republicans Now Find Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Sentiments OffensiveIf only they’d realized the folly of “insulting voters” a few months ago.
  18. stuck in the mittle
    Jindal Says Romney’s Post-Election Analysis Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’This is not the GOP of a week ago.
  19. stuck in the mittle
    Man With Romney Tattoo on Face Is ‘Disappointed’Not a Ryan-Rubio presidential ticket.
  20. stuck in the mittle
    The Romney Campaign Sure Had Some Bad Smartphone AppsIt never tested its final project, a failed vote counter.
  21. stuck in the mittle
    GOP Launches Massive Review to Determine Why Romney LostThey want to tweak their “tactics and message,” not their philosophy.
  22. stuck in the mittle
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Was ‘An Unlikely Fit’ for GOP“It’s the era of Occupy Wall Street and the tea party and you’ve got a guy who represents — more than anything — the one percent.”
  23. stuck in the mittle
    Chris Christie: Don’t Blame Me for Mitt Romney’s LossHe was a totally loyal surrogate! (Except for that last week.)
  24. stump style
    Ann Romney’s Concession Dress: Ending in RedOur final stump style post of 2012.
  25. election 2012
    Beyoncé Sums Up Election Night in Three Words[Dusts off shoulders.]
  26. stump style
    Ann Romney Versus Michelle Obama: Two Women, 30 DaysA review of their public appearances over the last month.
  27. stuck in the mittle
    Rupert Murdoch Has Given Up on Mitt Romney“Plenty of straws to grasp for Romney, probably not enough.”
  28. stuck in the mittle
    Romney’s Joke Used Against Him in Intense Hurricane Sandy–Themed AdFighting the “rise of the oceans” doesn’t sound so funny anymore.
  29. stuck in the mittle
    Five-Year-Old Video Finally Proves That Mitt Romney Is HumanBut we understand why his campaign didn’t put it into circulation.
  30. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney’s Son Went to Russia With a Secret Message for PutinSomebody’s getting grounded.
  31. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Held a Campaign Event ‘Storm Relief Event’ in Ohio TodayPeople will bring canned food. 
  32. stuck in the mittle
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Romney Still Trying to Win Over His BaseWhich is why he’s turning to Glenn Beck and Donald Trump.
  33. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Scores Coveted Meat Loaf Endorsement, Ann Romney Makes MeatloafThe singer and the food entered the campaign.
  34. Republicans Still Aren’t Laughing at ‘Romnesia’Buzzkills. 
  35. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Actually Doesn’t Like Firing People That MuchThose he knows personally, anyway. 
  36. stuck in the mittle
    Chait on Piers: ‘Binders’ Trivializes Campaign“He just missed the word,” says Chait.
  37. stuck in the mittle
    Tagg Romney Wanted to Punch the President to Defend Dad’s HonorHe didn’t mean it though.
  38. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Caught Encouraging Business Owners to Tell Employees How to VoteIt’s not illegal, but it’s still sketchy.
  39. stump style
    Michelle and Ann’s Pink Debate Outfits: AnalysisThey’re both observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it would seem.
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Does Romney Give Wayward Staffers Time-outs?One more Etch A Sketch blunder and recess is canceled.
  41. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Bails on ‘High Risk’ Interview With ‘Sharp-Tongued’ WomenHe’s canceled his appearance this week on The View.
  42. stuck in the mittle
    Everyone Traveling With Mitt Romney Is Obsessed With Marriott PointsThe more points you have, the more of a veteran you are.
  43. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Adviser Defends ‘Questionable’ Studies Validating Romney’s Tax Plan It wasn’t very convincing. 
  44. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Retires Slain Navy SEAL Anecdote Following Mother’s ComplaintHe had a chance encounter with an American killed in Benghazi.
  45. stump style
    Q&A: Ann Romney’s Go-To Designer Alfred FiandacaMitt accompanies her on shopping trips sometimes!
  46. stuck in the mittle
    AP Apologizes for Alley-Ooping Romney Fart JokesThe best photo of the week gets an explanation.
  47. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Says Abortion Isn’t on His Agenda, Campaign Disagrees (Update)New stance: “all of the above.”
  48. stuck in the mittle
    Watch Some Guy Wipe Mitt Romney’s Face ForeverWhy did this happen?
  49. stuck in the mittle
    Advisers Admit They Don’t Know Where Romney Stands on Foreign PolicyNot exactly helpful, guys.
  50. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Tries to Prove He Is Human by Telling Sad StoriesAnn can’t do all the work herself, you know.
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