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Subway Etiquette

  1. subway etiquette
    ‘Baby on Board’ Buttons Will Give Subway Riders No Excuse for SittingThe MTA is also distributing “Please Offer Me a Seat” buttons.
  2. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Will Try to Teach Subway Etiquette to Backpackers and ‘Man-Spreaders’It’s unveiling a new, pretty specific ad campaign. 
  3. commuting
    Drew Barrymore Also Puts on Makeup on the SubwayConcealing. 
  4. How Not to Use Your Butt on the Subway, in One Extreme PhotoOn the pole. All over the pole.
  5. Is Patrick Stewart ... a Pole Leaner? [Updated]The photographic evidence indicates yes. 
  6. stand clear of the closing doors
    Which Subway Line Is Best to Ride While Pregnant?Hint: the ones with lots of old ladies on them.
  7. creepshows
    Lawyer: Upskirt Subway Photos Are Free SpeechEye roll.
  8. stand clear of the closing doors
    Otherwise Respectable Man Devours Massive Piece of Brie on SubwayAnd licks his fingers.
  9. etiquette
    I Put on Makeup in Public — Deal With ItAn impassioned rant based on a real-life experience this morning.