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  1. The Regional Plan Association Would Like to Close the Subways All NightAnd add glass partitions and gates to keep people from falling onto the tracks.
  2. transgender issues
    When a Trans Woman Defends Herself and the Video Goes ViralTwenty months after Merci Chrisette’s “Subway Slasher” video became a sensation, she’s facing up to five years in prison.
  3. Mayor Wants to Raise Taxes on Those Making Over $500K to Pay for Subway RepairsHe announced a boost on high-end income-tax rates to fund public-transit fixes and reduced-fare MetroCards.
  4. Here’s the MTA’s Plan to Fix the SubwaysMTA chairman Joe Lhota presented some near-term steps including signal overhauls and getting rid of vague announcements.
  5. The New York City Subway Just Had Its Second Derailment in a MonthA car on a southbound Q train jumped the rails near Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.
  6. Governor Andrew Cuomo Will Declare the MTA in a State of EmergencyHe’s signing an executive order to speed up procurement and adding $1 billion to the capital plan.
  7. Andrew Cuomo Played Himself by Giving New York Internet Access on the SubwayNow you can yell at him to fix the subway, from the subway.
  8. Twitter to Cuomo: Forget Self-Driving Cars. Fix the Subway.Andy gets roasted on Twitter after bragging about Audi’s self-driving cars hitting New York highways.
  9. heroes
    Ballet Dancer Rescues Man Shoved Onto Subway TracksAll those lifts, leading up to this moment.
  10. penis seat
    This ‘Penis Seat’ in the Mexico City Metro Highlights Sexual HarassmentThe seat was installed as part of the #NoEsDeHombres campaign.
  11. Rest in Peace, the One Spot in the Subway That Gets ReceptionEveryone knew which subway stops on their commute got a signal.
  12. courtesy 101
    Pregnant Olivia Wilde Put Subway Riders on Blast for Not Giving Up Their SeatsGet it together, people.
  13. transgender rights
    New York City Launches Ad Campaign for Transgender Bathroom RightsSigns on streets and in subways will encourage New Yorkers to “Look Past Pink and Blue.”
  14. Surprise! The Entire D.C. Metro System Will Be Shut Down All Day WednesdayNo, apparently it can’t wait until the weekend.
  15. Here’s the MTA’s New Anti-Hoverboard AdThat red bubble-person is up to naughty things again!
  16. L Train Crisis With No Good Solutions Receives Its Worst Idea YetBuild another tunnel?
  17. subway week
    The Best Subway Movie Moments of All TimeThe movies love the MTA.
  18. The 5 Most Architecturally Distinguished Subway Stations in New YorkPlus an honorable mention.
  19. The MTA Is Going to Try Superlong Subway CarsSame size train, 10 percent more passenger space.
  20. Cuomo Wants You to Be Able to Pay for the Subway With Your Phone SoonWi-Fi, phone service, countdown clocks, and MetroCards on your phone.
  21. What Lives on the Subway Pole?Art … and also a ton of bacteria.
  22. Scientists Screw Up Study About Bubonic Plague, Anthrax Traces on SubwayThey’ve revised earlier findings.
  23. Report: The Subway Will Actually Keep Running All Night — You Just Can’t Ride ItAn MTA source said Governor Cuomo made a “horrible, purely political decision.”
  24. More MTA Courtesy Campaign AdsAnother batch of subway ads, appearing this month.
  25. Iraq Claims ISIS Is Planning Subway Attacks in NYC and Paris U.S. officials don’t seem too worried.
  26. The MTA Wants Even Fewer Trash Cans in Subway Stations (and Fewer Rats)When will it end?
  27. MTA Plans Wi-Fi for Trains to Appease the YoungThe trains, not just the stations.
  28. Citi Bike May Be Best Hope for Stranded G Train RidersIf the MTA agrees to pay for expansion.
  29. The Subways Are Filled With Foot FartsBest not to think about the air down there.
  30. watch and learn
    On the Hunt With New York’s Subway Matchmaker“The Love Conductor” uses the trains to find dates for her clients.
  31. ‘Sleeping’ Man Was Actually Dead on the 5 TrainMore things to fear in the subway.
  32. The G Line Is Dry, But It Still Won’t RollFlooding was not the only problem.
  33. MTA Debuts a Whole New Way for You to Yell at ItThe MTA wants your feedback on video.
  34. Report: MTA Fares May Be Movin’ on UpQuarter a ride.
  35. Man Collapses on Subway Tracks, Cheats DeathPhew!
  36. Somehow, Man on Subway Platform Hit by Uptown 6 TrainSeriously, stand clear of the closing doors.
  37. Report: MTA Depriving Riders of Fans in Subway StationsHow much sweat must riders produce?!
  38. Topless Activist Bares Breasts on SubwayNo top subway ride.
  39. party chat
    John Slattery Didn’t Quit the Subway After All“That was a joke!”
  40. One Man Killed, One Injured in Separate Subway Incidents SundayA man in Astoria was killed while another in the UWS is expected to survive.
  41. Subway Strikes Twice at One StationMaybe avoid Broadway and W. 72nd Street for the rest of the day.
  42. Brooklyn Subway Entrance Opens After 40 Years on the ShelfA win for safety.
  43. Decorate Your Pad With a Wooden MTA Subway BenchWhat better way to say, “I’ve got some money to spend but I don’t care much about hygiene.”
  44. Watch What Happens When ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ Meets ‘La Bamba’It was glorious.
  45. stand clear of the closing doors
    L Train Relief Coming EventuallyBy next summer, to be exact.
  46. The MTA Comes Crawling Back [Updated]It will take a while for the MTA to get back to its usual just-barely-functioning self.
  47. stand clear of the closing doors
    J/Z Unseats 7 Train As Best Subway Line After Six Years of Dominance“MTA Has 99 Problems, But J/Z Ain’t One.”
  48. Just Kidding, the First Half of the Second Avenue Subway Won’t Be Ready Until at Least 2018Twist!
  49. clickables
    Meet the New York City Subway Shakespeare CompanyThey’re called Popeye & Cloudy.
  50. MTA Chairman Jay Walder Will Quit on October 21That was fast.
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