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  1. hairy situations
    Ouai Created a Modern Version of Sun-InA lemon-juice mix for your hair, not your water.
  2. A Recap of the Great American Solar EclipseInstagram is inundated, and even Donald Trump dons a pair of special glasses.
  3. fake beauty news
    Lululemon Totes Are Spreading Questionable Sunscreen FactsFake news.
  4. protect yourself
    Melanoma Rates Are Continuing to Rise, and No One Knows WhyWe should all brush up on our SPF.
  5. seasons
    People Really Are Happier When the Sun Is Out LongerMeanwhile, winter is coming.
  6. walking on the shady side of the street
    Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen From an AussieWhat growing up in Australia, the driest continent on the planet, taught me about sunscreen.
  7. The Psychological Reason High-SPF Sunscreen Can Be Bad for YouThe Great SPF Paradox.
  8. Your Butt Is Proof That You Should Wear Sunscreen Every Day, Says DermatologistDo it right, keep it tight.
  9. meet the new astrologer
    Meet the Cut’s New Astrologer David Scoroposki, the man who’ll soon be reading all things sun and moon for the Cut.
  10. gif-caps
    Relive the Marc Jacobs Show in GIF FormTotal eclipse of the fashion heart.
  11. the sun
    Robert Pattinson Won’t Play Kurt CobainNot that you should need an official denial to know that something in the ‘Sun’ is made up, but it’s nice to have anyway.
  12. harry potter
    Harry Potter Script Left in Pub, Dutifully Returned to Warner Bros.’The Sun’ obtained the script before delivering it to the studio.
  13. the greatest depression
    Sun Crosses World, Leaving Economic Wreckage in Its WakeAsian markets fell in massive selloffs, followed by European markets. And guess who’s next?
  14. apropos of nothing
    First Review of New Coldplay Album Is As Overblown As Most Coldplay SongsChris Martin & Co. have “pushed the boundaries of what we expect from an album” and created something “as heavy-going as the Bible but ultimately as rewarding.”