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Super Mario Odyssey

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    Nintendo Finally Addresses Mario’s NipplesThe time for silence is over.
  2. The 10 Best Video Games of 2017When Nintendo is at its best, its games are hard to top.
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    People Are Having a Lot of Fun in Super Mario Odyssey’s Hallucinatory Fun RideThe entire game looks like a cartoon.
  4. People Really Like Super Mario Odyssey, Which Is a Shock to Absolutely NobodyMost reviews tout how well the game rewards exploration.
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    Unsolved Mysteries of the MarioCubeWhat dark secrets are hiding within Mario lore?
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    Is Nintendo’s Newest Mario Game, Super Mario Odyssey, Any Good? (Yes, Duh.)Everyone loves the jumping red man.
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    The World Has Gone Mad at the Sight of Mario’s NipplesThe big reveal (of Mario’s nipples) was yesterday.
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    Ranking All of the Marios in Super Mario OdysseyThe ethical questions Mario raises are numerous and varied.