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  1. What Hurts a Political Opponent in the Age of Trump?In a news cycle jammed with scandals, party operatives are trying to figure out what sticks with voters anymore — and how to unearth those things.
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    Oh God, a Trump Super-PAC Had a 12-Year-Old Girl Interview Roy MooreThe America First Project wants to show “there is a wide range of people who support Roy Moore.”
  3. It’s Too Early for Democrats to Freak Out Over FundraisingWhile the DNC is struggling to keep up with the RNC in fundraising, other sources of campaign financing are more balanced, and it’s very early yet.
  4. It’s Official: The 2016 Campaign Is Going Down BallotGOP super-pacs are branding Democrats as “rubber stamps” for President Hillary, while Clinton and Obama call on voters to oust Trump’s enablers.
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    Joss Whedon Doesn’t Want You to Vote for TrumpThe Avengers director has launched a super-pac called Save the Day.
  6. The Trump Campaign’s Big Fundraising Haul in July Wasn’t So BigNo matter how you calculate it, the Clinton campaign and its allies are crushing Trump when it comes to raising and spending money.
  7. Ex-Sanders Staffers Launch Progressive PACIncluding Republicans.
  8. Is Karl Rove Secretly Falling for Donald Trump?The conservative kingmaker’s super-pac is telling donors that Trump can beat Clinton.
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    Meet the Women Working to Take Down TrumpFrom the super-pac leaders to the parody Twitter creators.
  10. Paul Ryan Tells ‘Draft Ryan’ Super-pac to Cut It OutThe speaker is not changing his mind. 
  11. Eliot Spitzer Threw Away a Whole Bunch of Money on Martin O’MalleyBut was it spent on love?
  12. ‘Black Americans’ Super-Pac Funded by White GuysSo, so white.
  13. Totally-Not-Trump-Affiliated Super-Pac Shuts Down After Campaign Ties SurfaceMr. Trump has said he doesn’t have a super-pac. So to honor his wishes, I’m shutting my organization down.”
  14. 2016 Candidates Buy Some Weird StuffThat $100 he gave to Tim the Balloonman could make Ben Carson’s presidential bid, right?
  15. Talking to Chicago Cubs Co-owner Laura RickettsThe LGBT activist loves her family a lot.
  16. Anti-Spitzer Sentiment Spawns Two Super-PACsThanks again, Citizens United.
  17. Chicago Candidate Accuses Bloomberg’s PAC of Violating FEC LawsSomebody’s upset about the mayor’s meddling.
  18. Karl Rove Admits That 2012 Was a ‘Bad Year’ for His Super-PACsBut next time will be different! 
  19. Super-PACs Prepare Final Ad BlitzesThere’s still a lot of money to shove through the airwaves. 
  20. Mayor Bloomberg Now Has His Own PACAnd a plan for influencing politics post-2014.
  21. George Soros Can Spare $1 Million for Obama Super-PACHe’s donating to Priorities USA Action after all.
  22. Obama Lawyer Demands Rove-led Crossroads GPS Disclose Its DonorsFighting fund-raising with lawyering.
  23. Soros and Other Rich Guys to Give Dems $100MFighting money with money, but with a twist.
  24. DCCC to Unleash $32 Million Worth of Ads Against 26 GOP IncumbentsThe ads are coming.
  25. Republican Super-PAC American Crossroads Preparing Obama Onslaught The slime is coming.
  26. Eric Cantor Is in Trouble for Donating to a Super PAC The House Majority Leader’s $25,000 contribution will not go unnoticed. 
  27. Bill Maher Giving $1 Million to Obama PAC As Reelection Spending RocketsThe president outspent Mitt Romney in the month of January.
  28. Alabama Man Registers Occupy Wall Street Super PACWhy not?
  29. Obama Campaign Changes Position on Super-PACs, Will Now Embrace DonationsChange of plans.
  30. Video: Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart to Get His $1M Super PAC BackYes, $1 million. 
  31. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Mock Idiotic Super PAC RulesNo coordination!
  32. Latest Ad by Colbert Super-PAC Promises Orgy of Pure DistortionNarrated by Sam Elliott. Maybe.
  33. Santorum and Romney Clash Over Super-PAC Ads [Updated]Santorum began the testy back-and-forth by calling Romney out for evading a question.
  34. Gingrich Supporter Sheldon Adelson Denies Involvement in Anti-Romney DocumentaryAdelson is not anti-capitalist. He’s pro-Newt.
  35. Stephen Colbert to Run for President Again, Sort Of [Updated]Colbert handed over control of his super-PAC to Jon Stewart.
  36. Pro-Gingrich Super PAC Demonizes Romney and Bain in 30-Minute DocumentaryThirty minutes of Romney personally killing jobs to increase his personal wealth.
  37. New Ron Paul Ad Seeks to Prove He’s Not RacistCompassionate ad arrives on the heels of racially charged newsletter controversy.