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  1. vision 2020
    Can Biden Lose the First Two States and Still Win the Nomination?Nobody’s done it before, but it’s possible, albeit perilous. Biden’s much stronger in Nevada and South Carolina.
  2. vision 2020
    Why Democrats Could Pick a Nominee Sooner Than You ThinkWhile pundits like to dream of a contested convention, an early knockout remains a real possibility.
  3. the national circus
    Retire the Notion That Trump Hijacked the GOPThere was no Establishment after all.
  4. Marco Rubio Blames Failed Campaign on Unfair Media Coverage“When the media is constantly telling you, ‘So-and-so is winning and so-and-so is losing,’ it impacts voters.”
  5. It’s Marco Rubio — Not Trump — Who Is Attempting a Hostile Takeover of the GOPHe seems ready to blow up the organization if he doesn’t get his way.
  6. People Were Desperately Googling ‘How Can I Move to Canada’ Tuesday NightCanada’s website was experiencing major delays. 
  7. early and often
    After Super Tuesday, Can the GOP Establishment Still Stop Trump?Pundits say it’s not looking good.
  8. Super Tuesday Moves Clinton Toward Nomination, Sanders Toward Symbolic VictoriesTeam Clinton will gladly continue to offer Sanders the fool’s gold of ideological gestures in exchange for a position on the November ballot.
  9. Trump’s Scarily Good General-Election ArgumentIn an oddly low-energy speech, Trump revealed an incisive line of attack against Hillary Clinton.
  10. Daily Intelligencer’s Super Tuesday LiveblogJoin New York Magazine’s political team for an interactive live blog of tonight’s returns.
  11. Super Tuesday Surprises: Possible Outcomes That Would Freak Out the PunditsA Trump majority in Massachusetts? A Rubio win in Alaska? A Sanders win in Oklahoma?
  12. Sanders Has Another $40 Million to BernBernie Sanders had himself a super Monday, raising $5.5 million in 24 hours.
  13. early and often
    Can Bernie Sanders Bounce Back on Super Tuesday?Lowered expectations give him a chance to look relatively good on March 1 — but it won’t necessarily happen.
  14. early and often
    4 Big Questions About the Republican Race on Super TuesdayTrump is shooting for a majority of delegates in 11 states tomorrow, while his opponents hope not to fall off the map.
  15. super tuesday
    President Obama, Political Media Win Super TuesdayRomney and Santorum and Gingrich won here and there, too, technically. 
  16. mitt romney's biggest fan
    Romney Wants to Kick Obama Out of the OuthouseAlso, meet Mitt Romney’s number one fan.
  17. weightlifting
    Santorum Was Pumping Iron Before Super Tuesday AddressSantorum can probably bench press more than Romney.
  18. chicken marsala
    Reporter Awkwardly Dishes on Mitt Romney’s Super Tuesday DinnerA protein diet will power him through the night.
  19. housekeeping
    We’re Live-Blogging Super Tuesday!Come read it!
  20. super tuesday
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Mitt Romney Wishes He Was Campaigning Back in Reagan’s DayBack when there were no Twitters or YouTubes or Internets.
  21. How Does Super Tuesday Compare With Other Super Things?Superman, Supercuts, “Super Freak,” etc. 
  22. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Won’t Cast Primary VoteHis preferred candidate, Newt Gingrich, failed to make the ballot in Gingrich’s home state of Virginia. 
  23. super tuesday
    All Eyes on OhioSuper Tuesday is here.
  24. Surviving Super Tuesday Can Mitt Romney finally lock it down? 
  25. Mitt Romney’s Double-Digit Win in the Washington Caucuses Last NightFourth straight win in a row.
  26. John Heilemann on Andrea Mitchell: Onward to Super TuesdayWill the slight victory in Michigan propel Romney through the southern states?
  27. super tuesday
    Super Tuesday PreviewTen states speak next week, but Ohio is the jewel of them all.
  28. early and often
    Heilemann: What McCain Must Do NowJohn McCain entered Super-Duper Tuesday with two goals — one obvious and concrete, the other more ephemeral but no less important in the long run. The first of McCain’s aims was to secure enough delegates in the 21 states in which Republicans voted to more or less lock up his party’s nomination. And the second was to win so decisively, so convincingly, that he could turn to the braying, hard-right, anti-McCain caucus and say, in effect: “Hello, people, lookee here, the party has rallied around me; it’s time for you either to get on the bus or shut the fuck up.”
  29. early and often
    America Plays the Race Card: What It Means for ObamaIf you thought race would disappear from the Democratic campaign after the controversies in South Carolina, you were horribly mistaken. This issue returned with a vengeance after last night’s Super Tuesday returns showed a stark racial divide among voters for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Barack continued to garner around 80 percent of black support, while Hillary took a strong majority of Latino and Asian voters, who turned out to be especially important in California. Whites, however, seemed to split along gender lines, further confusing things. Opinions on all this abound.
  30. early and often
    Super Tuesday Tells Us This Thing Ain’t OverGood morning! How late did you stay up watching the Super Tuesday results come in? Did you make it to Minnesota? All the way to California? Well, now more than 90 percent of precincts are reported in all the states, and the results are more solid. John McCain has strengthened his lead on the Republican side, winning in nine states and pulling in an estimated 613 delegates. Romney, who won six states, pulled in only 269, and Huckabee, who was stronger last night than many expected, still earned only 190 delegates. On the Democratic side, things were much less clear. Late in the evening, Hillary pulled out a win by 10 percent in the hotly contested California race, putting her state total at eight and her estimated delegate total at 845. Obama won thirteen states and 765 delegates. That’s still far short of the 2,025 needed for a win, so we’ve got a long way to go. Both had strong wins in their home states of New York and Illinois, and the closest races were in New Mexico (still uncalled) and Missouri. Obama’s strong showing is going to make the next few weeks very interesting as Hillary tries to hang on to her base. We can’t wait! Tears! Red-faced Bill! Badass Michelle! Hope! Change! Day One! Bring it on. Election Index [NYT]
  31. early and often
    Super Tuesday: Just the Beginning of a Long, Complex SlogSuper Tuesday wasn’t supposed to be like this. We were expecting a de facto national primary that finally determined our presidential candidates, but while McCain seems to have the Republican nomination locked up, judging from the ever-tighter polls it looks like the Democrats will be slugging it out long after the California returns are finally official tomorrow morning. Both campaigns will try to spin “victories” out of whatever the results actually are, having been steadily lowering expectations in the run-up to today. The media, meanwhile, won’t be able to resist favoring one or the other as the winner, but what will they base it on? Who took the most states? Who took the most delegates? Who won the popular vote? Or who beat expectations? Which leaves the most important question of all — where (and when) will this all end?
  32. early and often
    Happy Super Tuesday: The Candidates’ Last WordsOf course, tomorrow morning we’re probably not going to have learned anything definitive about this year’s presidential primary. But that doesn’t mean that each major candidate isn’t treating Super Tuesday as a do-or-die moment. Late last night and early this morning, each took the opportunity to make a final statement that would be circulated through the press throughout today as people gear up to head to the polls. Here’s what they’ve been saying: • “In my White House, we will know who wears the pantsuits,” Hillary Clinton cracked on Letterman’s show last night. Sure, it was a joke response to a question from the host about whether husband Bill Clinton would be “going through stuff” while she was busy governing the nation, but it’s an important point. Since Bill got a little out-of-control campaigning on her behalf, and since she cried again yesterday, it was important for her to reiterate that she is tough and in charge. [Reuters] • John McCain, meanwhile, stayed on message, saying that both Democratic candidates are clueless on Iraq. He also indicated that he’d set up “arrangements” to leave U.S. troops there permanently. “We’ve been in Kuwait right next door [to Iraq] for many years,” he pointed out. [NYDN]
  33. 21 questions
    Shep Smith Doesn’t Have Anybody Hanging in His Living RoomName: Shepard SmithJob: Host of The Fox Report and Studio B on Fox News. Smith will also anchor a jumbo, two-hour Superbowl/Super Tuesday special, “Fox Super Sunday,” on February 3 starting at 10 a.m. on Fox.Age: 44Neighborhood: Greenwich Village. Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Derek Jeter What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? “Mama’s” pasta at Gradisca. She comes over from Italy every few months and makes it at a table by the front door.