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  1. woke children
    Suri Cruise Is ‘Hurt’ That Hillary Clinton Lost the ElectionThis will make you feel old.
  2. march madness
    This Is the Face of a Woman Afflicted With March MadnessMarch Madness affects everybody differently. If you think you’ve also had an allergic reaction to March Madness, please talk to your doctor immediately.
  3. wealthy children
    Suri Cruise Is More Cultured Than YouSuri spends her days wandering the streets of Museum Mile.
  4. vulture reading room
    All the Weird Tom Cruise Stories From Leah Remini’s Book About ScientologyThere’s a lot more than couch-jumping in here.
  5. bestie x bestie
    Katie Holmes and Zac Posen Went to Disneyland Without YouZac was a tad overdressed.
  6. slash jobs
    Next for Katie Holmes: Fragrance, More FashionShe’ll do another Holmes & Yang presentation during New York Fashion Week. 
  7. the kids are in heels
    Thanks to Suri, All the Children Want Heels Such a trendsetter!
  8. Suri Cruise Gives Photographers a Piece of Her MindShe yells “Stop it!” to the guy who calls her a little brat.
  9. rude gestures
    Celebrity Kids Sticking Their Tongues Out at PaparazziIt’s the universal sign of “eff you” for the under-10 set.
  10. toddlers & tiaras
    Suri Cruise Is Not Really Starting a Clothing Line [Updated]Ending this dubious rumor before it even got off the ground.
  11. the leans
    Katie Holmes Can Lean With Sheryl Sandberg, TooIs this old yet?
  12. paparazzi evasion tactics
    Suri Cruise May Have a ‘Body Double’Proof that she really is America’s princess.
  13. look of the day
    Katie Holmes and Her Baby Panda Freeze in TightsBrr.
  14. fancy pants
    To Discuss: Katie Holmes’s Santa PantsThey look pretty great, actually.
  15. 'tis the season
    Christmas Gift Spoilers for Victoria Beckham, Suri CruiseIt’s rough being a celebrity during the holidays.
  16. celebrities who design
    Here Is Katie Holmes’s Birthday OutfitShe turns 34 today.
  17. cruisin'
    Tom Cruise’s Post-Divorce Debut: Polka Dots!And a velvet blazer.
  18. tru wuv
    The 50 Best Couples in Fashion’s HistoryMarc and Sofia, Karl and Choupette, Mary-Kate and Ashley — plus 47 other symbiotic unions worth celebrating.
  19. Chic Costumes You’ll Still Wear After HalloweenBy which we mean: actual fashion people. And clothes you might wear again.
  20. celebrity divorce
    Guess How Much It Costs to Raise Suri Cruise?Tiny high heels are not cheap.
  21. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes Sets the Date for Her Fashion Week PresentationSaturday, September 8 at 9 p.m.
  22. the most important ex-scientologists in the world
    Suri Cruise May Be Going to a Different Amazing School?There are conflicting reports.
  23. brantastic!
    Peter Brant II: ‘Clearly’ Suri Cruise Is ‘Just an Awesome Person’“She’s one of my idols.”
  24. cover girls
    Katie Holmes Covers Another Unwitting Magazine That Now Can’t Believe Its LuckC magazine shot Holmes just a week before her divorce announcement.
  25. the most important ex-scientologists in the world
    A Garbage Truck Sideswiped the Most Important Car in New YorkThe one carrying Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise. 
  26. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Gets ‘Primary Custody’ of Suri [UPDATE]Says the AP.
  27. celebrity divorces
    Katie Holmes Accomplished Much in This Orange Dress She finalized her divorce, for one.
  28. celebrity divorces
    A Look at Katie Holmes’s Meticulously Executed Post-Split AppearancesWhat she’s worn, where she’s gone, and why she went.
  29. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Broke Up With Tom Cruise Over ScientologyAnother non-surprise.
  30. beauty marks
    Tanning Company Sues Lindsay Lohan; Coco Arquette Wore Feather Lash ExtensionsPlus, Milla Jovovich gives Into the Gloss her makeup tips.
  31. kids these days
    Justin Bieber Sent the Beckham Kids the Wrong GuitarAlas, it was meant for the Jolie-Pitts.
  32. dreams come shoe
    Slideshow: Celebrities Doing Mundane Things in High HeelsIt happens every day, all around the world, and never manages to feel less than off.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Claire Danes Celebrates Her Birthday at Recette; Ashton Kutcher and Demi MoorePlus: Tom and Katie take Suri out for candy, Lou Reed grabs brunch, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  34. Video Feed
    Katie Holmes Explains Why Suri Was Eating X-Rated Gummies at SerendipityIt’s not every 4-year-old who snacks on “P-E-N-I-S” gummies.
  35. kids these days
    Kate Hudson Wears Outfits That Make Her 6-Year-Old Son Blush“I go, ‘Oh-ho. That means you like it!’”
  36. kids these days
    Katie Holmes Buys Alice + Olivia for Suri CruiseWhat else?
  37. in the magazine
    What Are You Looking At?Amid a perpetual storm of attention, Katie Holmes stays almost preternaturally calm.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    Lindsay ‘Lynwood’ Lohan Claims She Was Sucker-Punched At VoyeurThe fallen star’s bad week ends with her Dad teasing her from the heinous halls of Saddle Ranch.
  39. gossipmonger
    Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga Does a Mean Lap DanceWell, not MEAN, but you know …
  40. Celebrity Settings
    Charlize Cuddles with Keanu at Bouchon; Suri Cruise Makes It Rain at Le PainTwo newly single stars get snapped being intimate while a future star throws some dough around a bakery.
  41. gossipmonger
    Vincent Gallo Would Rather Have Lots of Fancy Shoes Than One Fancy PaintingAnd more “they’re just like us” celebrity nuggets, in today’s gossip roundup.
  42. kids these days
    Suri Cruise Said to Carry an $850 Ferragamo HandbagWell, if your dad was Tom Cruise, wouldn’t you?
  43. Celebrity Settings
    TomKat Waits at the ModernPlus: Jimmy Fallon lines up for sandwiches, and Chris Evans gets the midnight munchies, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Celebrity Settings
    Cameron Sups at Scampo; Katie Holmes Fuels Up at b.goodPlus: Dice-K dines on burgers, and Youk gets fishy, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  45. Celebrity Settings
    Suri Cruise Scarfs Cupcakes; TomKat Drinks MartinisPlus: gubernatorial eats and Gossip Girl, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  46. loose threads
    Suri Cruise Rocks Heels, Vlad Models for Rock & RepublicAnd Giles Deacon is launching a jewelry line.
  47. real estate
    Suri Cruise to Move to the West Village?At least one of her parents may be joining her.
  48. kiddie chic
    Designer Childrenswear Proliferates, Economy Be DamnedA flurry of designer kidswear is about to hit the market. We blame Suri Cruise.
  49. awesome
    ‘Flintstones’ Musical May Throw Broadway a BonePlease, God, let them cast Suri Cruise as Pebbles.
  50. gossipmonger
    Beckhams and Cruises Ride Horse Carriages TogetherYes, that cultlike chanting you heard from within those veiled surreys was the four of them. Then they served their kids milk. Goyische! In the post-tryptophan gossip roundup.
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