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  1. surprise!
    Christian Bale’s Accent Is Always a ShockSurprise! He’s Welsh!
  2. surprise!
    How to Hear Nicki Minaj’s New Album, Which, Surprise, Is Now Coming Out TodayShe threatened to leak it just hours after finishing it.
  3. surprise!
    Actually, Chance the Rapper Says He’s Not Dropping an Album This WeekHe previously said it’ll drop “just in time” for his Special Olympics 50th anniversary concert this weekend.
  4. surprise!
    UnREAL Season 4 Is Streaming on Hulu Right NowThe show’s fourth and final season gets a surprise release.
  5. surprise!
    Cardi B and Offset Secretly Married Before They Publicly Got EngagedCardi has confirmed that they got married a month before their official public engagement last year.
  6. get out of my chair
    Harrison Ford Surprised Alden Ehrenreich During a Solo Interview“Get out of my chair.”
  7. surprise!
    Let’s Talk About Your Jane the Virgin Finale FeelingsWe’re not okay.
  8. surprise!
    Stream the Weeknd’s New EP, My Dear Melancholy, Right NowThe king of the fall has arrived in spring.
  9. surprise!
    The Weeknd Is Dropping a Surprise Album, My Dear Melancholy, TonightSad boy!
  10. ready for it
    Taylor Swift Just Snuck a Preview of Her New Song Into a Football-Game BroadcastAre you ready for it?
  11. surprise!
    Tidal’s 4:44 Is a Surprise Film Starring Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’oA trailer for the film aired during the NBA Finals.
  12. surprise!
    Doris Day’s 93rd Birthday Cake Just Got Two More Candles: She’s Actually 95This means Day and her good friend Betty White are the same age.
  13. Comey Wants Justice Department to Publicly Rebuke Trump Over Wiretap ClaimsThe FBI director is apparently upset that Trump’s allegation falsely implies that the agency acted illegally.
  14. surprise!
    Prepare Yourself for Lorde’s Possible Return on Friday With This Cryptic AdWhat does it all mean?
  15. surprise!
    Casey Affleck’s Production Company Donated to Trump Without Affleck KnowingAffleck/Middleton Project donated $5,000 to Trump’s transition team.
  16. surprise!
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Both Featured in DJ Khaled’s New Surprise Single ‘Shining’DJ Khaled dropped the song right after the Grammys.
  17. surprise!
    This Valentine’s Day, Give a RoachIt’s the perfect gift for the Valentine-ambivalent.
  18. surprise!
    Here Is a Very Good Photo of Octavia Spencer Being Surprised by Barack ObamaDon’t leave us, Barack!
  19. surprise!
    Amanda Seyfried Is Expecting Her First BabyShe debuted her tiny baby bump at a press event for Givenchy.
  20. like a prayer
    Madonna Supported Hillary Clinton With Surprise Performance in New York City“Save this country, please.”
  21. surprise!
    Taylor Swift Wrote Little Big Town’s New SongNils Sjoberg strikes again.
  22. surprise!
    Chance the Rapper Secretly Made a Movie, But Sadly, Not the Rom-Com He DeservesHe filmed it in Chicago over the summer.
  23. Michael Phelps Gets the Gold Medal in Secret Wedding PhotosThe couple got married a second time over the weekend.
  24. surprise!
    While No One Was Looking, Michael Phelps Secretly Married Nicole JohnsonThe two had a civil ceremony back in June.
  25. surprise!
    Angela Lansbury Sings ‘Beauty and the Beast’Mrs. Potts still got it.
  26. usher
    Surprise! Usher Dropped Hard II Love Ahead of Release Date on TidalHear his first album since 2012 here.
  27. surprise!
    Ellen Surprises Pulse Shooting Survivor Tony Marrero With the Gift of Katy PerryGrab a tissue.
  28. surprise!
    Frank Ocean Releases Visual Album EndlessVisual albums are all the rage, after all.
  29. surprise!
    Watch Radiohead Play ‘Let Down’ After a DecadeThe best surprise we could ask for.
  30. surprise!
    Surprise! Mr. Robot Season 2 Premiered 3 Days EarlyThe revolution will not be (officially) televised until Wednesday.
  31. surprise!
    Blood Orange Dropped Freetown Sound 3 Days EarlyIt’s available now across all formats.
  32. Surprise!
    Kid Scores Bag of Crystal Meth As His Kinder Egg SurpriseThis definitely wasn’t the Breaking Bad–themed edition.
  33. surprise!
    This Woman Is Clearly Shocked at Baby’s GenderThat face — surprise!
  34. surprise!
    This Guy Had a Surprise Guest at His Wedding — and She Came Prepared With a BurnGuessing she didn’t sign the guest book.
  35. surprise!
    Watch McCartney Perform ‘A Hard Day’s Night’He really has been working like a dog lately.
  36. surprise!
    Supposedly Dead Woman Shows Up at Her Own FuneralTo get revenge on the husband who tried to have her killed.
  37. surprise!
    Alexander Wang Just Gave Away a Lot of Clothes “So un-Balenciagaesque.”
  38. surprise!
    The Next Chapter of Trapped in the Closet Is Here EarlySurprise!
  39. Woman Jailed Over Traffic Summons Dating Back to 2002The woman feels humiliated.
  40. surprise!
    Drake Crashed the Weeknd Show This WeekendSo much screaming.
  41. Surprise!
    Ferran Adrià and José Andrés Surprise the Crew at Island Creek Oyster BarThey make a low-key, surprise Sunday visit.
  42. black friday
    Retailers Pleasantly ‘Baffled’ by Booming Black Friday BusinessPepper spray and bad economy be damned!
  43. surprise!
    Happy Friday: Radiohead Drops The King of Limbs a Day EarlySee the first music video!
  44. Televangelist Who Blames Hurricanes on Abortion Also Has Some Pretty Progressive Views on Marijuana PolicyDon’t ever try to predict what Pat Robertson will say next.
  45. surprise!
    Gorillaz’ Secret iPad Album Is Coming Out on Christmas Day“I didn’t write it before, I didn’t prepare it. I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America.”
  46. surprise!
    The Lovely Bones Gets a Rare Thumbs-Up From Harry Knowles“LOVELY BONES will be one of the films of the year.”
  47. surprise!
    Theater-Industry Employees Blown Away by Footage From Theater-Industry–Saving Avatar“Absolutely stunning,” tweets the vice-president of product development at DTS Digital Cinema.
  48. surprise!
    Dr. Parnassus Gets the Harry Knowles Stamp of ApprovalThe Internet’s easiest movie critic has seen Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ — and he likes it!
  49. surprise!
    Shocker: Harry Knowles Loved WatchmenWe’re sure you were just dying to know what he thought.
  50. surprise!
    Terrence Howard’s Replacement in ‘Iron Man 2’ Is News to Terrence HowardJust like we did, he read it in ‘Variety.’