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  1. location tracking
    Google Tracks and Stores Your Location Even With Location History Turned OffEven if you’ve taken steps to limit the company’s location-data collection, they can create a timeline of your activity based on your location.
  2. Why Russia’s ‘Independent Internet’ Has Some Experts WorriedSecurity experts warn that Russia’s new DNS alternative could increase the odds of a large-scale cyberattack.
  3. digital rights
    What Iran and Russia’s Telegram Ban Means for Secure Messaging AppsUp until the late ’90s, basic encryption technologies in the U.S. fell under the same category as anti-aircraft missiles and militarized submarines.
  4. Feds Jailed Gun Owner for Making Politically Incorrect Facebook PostsYou’ll never guess the color of his skin.
  5. Chinese Police Now Armed With Facial-Recognition GlassesOver 30 people have been apprehended using the glasses.
  6. Tom Cotton Would Love to Make Tech Companies an Unofficial Part of the CIAPrivate industry becomes part of the surveillance state.
  7. Who’s Behind These Robocalls About Anti-Trump Social-Media Activity?“It does seem that you’ve been making some rather negative comments about President Trump.”
  8. You Should Probably Check Your Airbnb for Hidden CamerasPeople are trash and technology is terrible.
  9. The Supreme Court’s Cell-Phone-Tracking Case Has High StakesWill the Court allow the government to erect a digital panopticon?
  10. D.C. Court Rules Against Tracking Cell Phones Without a WarrantThe phone-tracking devices are used by many law-enforcement agencies.
  11. The Susan Rice Scandal Is Based on ‘Absolutely Nothing’: ReportAnd House Republicans know it. But they’re going to keep investigating it anyway.
  12. White House Officials Alerted Nunes to Incidental Surveillance of Trump TeamLast week, Nunes directed attention away from his own investigation into Russia by suggesting that Trump’s team had been improperly surveilled.
  13. Nunes Had Secret White House Meeting Before Claiming Trump Team Was SurveilledLast week, the GOP lawmaker suggested the intelligence community mistreated Trump’s team. The night before, he met with a source at the White House.
  14. Schiff Says Nunes Canceled Russia Hearing to Protect TrumpThe Republican House Intelligence chair abruptly canceled an open hearing Friday. The committee’s ranking Democrat cries foul.
  15. The Right Spreads Baseless Lie That Nunes Just Validated Trump’s Baseless LiesEven if the House Intelligence Chair’s allegations are true, they do not remotely vindicate the president’s “wiretap” claims.
  16. GOP House Intel Chair: Trump Team Was Legally Surveilled During TransitionNunes just disclosed (ostensibly) classified information to the public and president, in an apparent breach of protocol.
  17. Facebook’s Data Policy Now Prohibits SurveillanceDevelopers can no longer use Facebook’s data to build tools for spying on people.
  18. It’s Time to Assume Your TV Is BuggedIf a device can connect to the internet, it will be compromised.
  19. Trump Team Dares James Comey to Say Obama Didn’t Wiretap TrumpOn Monday, the White House suggested that Trump trusts his own misreadings of Breitbart articles over the word of the FBI director.
  20. Trump’s Wiretap Charge Seems to Be a Fabulist Take on Murky Legal ProceedingCovert surveillance of Russian banks blown up into a highly public conspiracy claim by one president that another tapped his phones.
  21. espionage
    That Dark Spot in the New York Skyline Is Probably a Top-Secret NSA Spy StationWe always knew there was something funny about that building.
  22. Yahoo Scanned Users’ Emails on Behalf of U.S. IntelligenceEverything going in or out was monitored for a certain phrase.
  23. surveillance
    House Intelligence Committee: Snowden ‘No Whistle-blower’As defenders of Snowden call for a presidential pardon, lawmakers insist he caused “tremendous damage” to national security.
  24. Warrantless NSA Searches of Americans’ Data Have Doubled Since 2013Officials are making more use of the government spying program.
  25. ProPublica Becomes the Darknet’s First Major News SiteNow you can buy Indian Oxycontin and read Chinese internet censorship on the very same network!
  26. tech
    Can Cell-Phone Data Predict Unemployment?You could be broadcasting a lot more information about your life than you realize.
  27. surveillance
    Billion-Dollar Creepy Spy Blimp Will Soon Hover Over MarylandThey’ll be tethered off of I-95 near Washington, D.C.
  28. spy games
    FBI and NSA Spied on Prominent Muslim-Americans, Snowden Leak RevealsIncluding civil rights activists, academics, and a Republican political candidate.
  29. spy games
    Obama Plan Would End NSA Bulk Data CollectionIf Congress passes the legislation.
  30. spy games
    Obama Has Four Options for Revamping NSA Phone Surveillance, And None Are IdealHe can annoy phone companies, the FISA court, or privacy advocates.
  31. On Second Thought, Homeland Security Doesn’t Want to Track Our Every MoveSo please don’t drag them into the NSA scandal.
  32. big brother
    Homeland Security Wants to Scoop Up Data From License-Plate ReadersThey promise they’ll only use the massive database to catch criminals.
  33. spy games
    Tech Companies Allowed to Reveal More About U.S. Surveillance, But Not MuchIt’s a small step toward greater transparency.
  34. spy games
    Obama to Adjust How the Government Goes Through Your Phone DataThe president will announce a few new ideas at 11 a.m.
  35. NSA Phone-Data Collection May Be Useless, Likely Won’t StopObama will announce some changes to the program on Friday.
  36. fbi files
    Activists Confess to 1971 Burglary That Exposed FBI SurveillanceThe agency never caught them.
  37. spy games
    White House Panel Recommends Limits on NSA SurveillanceObama is “open to many” changes, but doesn’t have to implement any of them.
  38. spy games
    If Google Can Track Your Online Activity, It’s a Safe Bet the NSA Can TooThe NSA has mastered the use of cookies.
  39. spy games
    The NSA Tracks Billions of Cell Phone Locations Every DayAnd everyone who targets cross paths with.
  40. spy games
    Obama May Ban Spying on Friendly Foreign LeadersThe rest of us should assume we’re being watched.
  41. spy games
    The NSA Is Also Scooping Up Millions of E-mail Address BooksIncluding Americans’ contacts, by accident of course.
  42. spy games
    The NSA’s Latest Attempt at Transparency BackfiredThe NSA admitting to thousands of privacy violations failed to impress.
  43. spy games
    The NSA Can Spy on 75 Percent of U.S. Internet TrafficPrism was just the tip of the iceberg.
  44. spy games
    NSA Violated Privacy Rules Thousands of Times The latest bombshell Snowden leak.
  45. spy games
    NSA Collects Data ‘About’ Foreign Targets, Not Just Direct CommunicationTheir search is broader than previously thought.
  46. spy games
    FBI May Be Hacking Android, Not What You GoogleThe FBI can hack into microphones on your phone or laptop.
  47. the surveillance-free day
    The Surveillance-Free Day (Part I)What happens when an average person tries to escape the government’s eye?
  48. privacy woes
    Obama Wins First Congressional Battle Over NSA Surveillance, With More to ComeThe vote was surprisingly close.
  49. big brother
    The NYPD’s Domain Awareness System Is Watching YouMicrosoft’s new high-tech monitoring system is a 24/7 thing.
  50. spy games
    Bloomberg Rolls Out ‘Muslim Friends’ Defense of NYPD SpyingThe mayor and his police chief are holding strong, while potential successors tread carefully.
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