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  1. the surveillance-free day
    The Surveillance-Free Day (Part I)What happens when an average person tries to escape the government’s eye?
  2. privacy woes
    Obama Wins First Congressional Battle Over NSA Surveillance, With More to ComeThe vote was surprisingly close.
  3. big brother
    The NYPD’s Domain Awareness System Is Watching YouMicrosoft’s new high-tech monitoring system is a 24/7 thing.
  4. spy games
    Bloomberg Rolls Out ‘Muslim Friends’ Defense of NYPD SpyingThe mayor and his police chief are holding strong, while potential successors tread carefully.
  5. spy games
    NYPD Watches Muslims Who Change Their Names TooInfo on the surveillance program keeps coming out.
  6. the industry
    No ‘Doubt’ About It: It’s Meryl and Philip