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  1. the industry
    Armando Ianucci Will Bring Swearing to Space in His New HBO Comedy PilotThink The Orville, but actually funny.
  2. mad libs
    Dear New York Times, Please Tell Us Which Expletives Lena Headey Prefers“Are you [expletive] serious right now?”
  3. Inside the Linguistic Anatomy of the Perfect Trump InsultIt starts with a state senator calling Trump a “fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon” and only gets better.
  4. The More You Swear, the More Honest You AreWhat transparency sounds like.
  5. Swearing Is Much Less Common Than It SeemsSome people worry that profanity packs less of a punch now than it used to. They can rest easy.
  6. Is Trump Turning ‘Fat’ Into a Swear Word?With the way he talks about Rosie O’Donnell, it sure sounds like it.
  7. swearing
    Here’s a Detailed Guide to British ProfanityFrom “bloody” to “bellend.”
  8. The Right Way to Swear in Front of Your KidsContext, context, context.
  9. If You Want to Bond With Someone, Swear at ThemIt’s fun, too!
  10. What Makes Swearing So Damn Satisfying, Anyway?A brief exploration.
  11. party chat
    Damn Right, Helen Mirren Will Swear If She Wants To“I’m not actually the Queen.”
  12. secret history of television
    Secret History of TV: Who First Said ‘Motherf*cker’ in a Show?Find out in this episode of “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  13. exchange rates
    Italian Dating Is a Lot Like Italian SwearingIt’s all about dicks.
  14. swearing
    Chris Christie and John Catsimatidis Yell SwearsA whole new insult arises.
  15. chat room
    Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter on Her Favorite Debra Morgan Swears“I was just home for Thanksgiving and I caught myself cursing three times. It was so embarrassing.”
  16. photo op
    And … She’s In!Kagan swears.
  17. innovation
    Wall Street May Have to Develop Complex System of Hand Signals, Gestures, to Communicate Shittiness of DealsNot only can they not curse on e-mail, financiers soon might not even be able to curse on the phone.