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  1. vulture lists
    A Guide to Swedish Indie Music Beyond RobynFrom Jens Lekman to Tove Lo.
  2. international affairs
    The Threat Posed by Europe’s Far-Right Surge Is Much Bigger Than One ElectionGains by a right-wing party in Sweden weren’t as big as many feared, but a small win over extremism shouldn’t obscure the broader danger.
  3. heists
    Extremely Cool Thieves Steal Swedish Crown Jewels, Escape in SpeedboatA cool heist.
  4. women stopping planes
    Young Activist Blocks Afghan Man’s Deportation by Refusing to Sit Down on Flight“I am doing what I can to save a person’s life.”
  5. the chain gang
    McDonald’s New McVegan Sandwich Is a Big HitThe burger’s availability is expanding in northern Europe, where reviews have been “overwhelmingly positive.”
  6. gallery
    Backstage With the Royal Swedish BalletPhotographer Björn Abelin offers an intimate look at one of the world’s oldest dance companies in a new exhibit.
  7. gallery
    Sweet Melancholy Captured in the Swedish CountrysidePhotographer Isabella Ståhl returned home to shoot dreamy landscapes in northern Sweden.
  8. Sweden Accidentally Leaks the Sensitive Info of Basically All Its CitizensHow do you say “Oops!” in Swedish?
  9. Ikea Admits That a Couple of Its Serving Bowls Might Catch Food on FireThe stainless-steel Blanda Blank might come with a bonus feature.
  10. Suspect Arrested in Connection With Stockholm Truck AttackThe 39-year-old Uzbek man was known to authorities, but was not being actively monitored at the time of the attack.
  11. Hijacked Truck Plows Into Pedestrians, Killing at Least 3 in StockholmThe latest in a line of truck attacks hits the Swedish capital.
  12. bob dylan
    Bob Dylan to Pick Up Nobel Prize This Weekend, As He Happens to Be in StockholmThe singer-songwriter will meet with the Swedish Academy to receive his Nobel medal and diploma.
  13. meanwhile in scandinavia
    Swedish Women’s Soccer Team Replaced Names on Jerseys With Empowering PhrasesOne jersey now reads, “Believe in your damn self.”
  14. last night on late night
    Colbert Says ‘Never Fjorget’ Swedes Not Hurt in Nonexistent Terrorism IncidentPresident Trump mentioned the Swedish attack, which never happened, at a rally.
  15. Sweden Confused After Trump Cites Nonexistent Terrorist IncidentTrump’s fake Swedish news reflects a misleading right-wing narrative about refugee-perpetrated crime.
  16. 8 Countries Are Starting a Fund to Counter Trump’s Anti-Abortion Gag RuleThe fallout from the executive order could be up to $9.5 billion in U.S. foreign aid worldwide.
  17. trumped
    Sweden Mocks Trump With One Perfect PhotoA subtle burn.
  18. meanwhile in scandanavia
    Swedish ‘Bikini Cop’ Now an Instagram Fitness StarShe’s found her true calling as a fitness star.
  19. Swedish Women Just Got a Hotline They Can Call If They Get Mansplained ToThe largest union in Sweden has instituted a new phone number for women to call if they feel they are being inappropriately mansplained at work.
  20. blue chips
    World’s Most Expensive Chips Will Set You Back $11 ApieceThey’re seasoned with rare mushrooms.
  21. srsly?
    Facebook Removes Animated Breast-Cancer Video for Being OffensiveThe nipple is still not free.
  22. English Could Use Swedish’s Untranslatable Words for RelationshipsBecause who gets married anymore?
  23. Sweden Just Rolled Out the World’s First Electric HighwayE-trucks are twice as efficient as traditional engines.
  24. The Weird Socialist Logjam That Gives Stockholmers 20-Year Apartment WaitsMaybe Scandinavia isn’t the best at everything after all.
  25. swede child o' mine
    An Ode to Sweden’s Greatest Citizen, IsabelleWe love the woman who took over Sweden’s Twitter account for the week. 
  26. Kids With a Depressed Parent Perform Worse in SchoolA big new study of Swedes suggests depression can have intergenerational effects.
  27. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Latest Happy Meal Is a Virtual-Reality HeadsetIt’s part of a promo in Sweden.
  28. Check Out a Sketch Kevin Hart Made with a Comedy Group from SwedenKevin Hart recently did something a little different to promote his latest film Ride Along 2 by teaming up with Swedish comedy group […]
  29. Sweden School Attack Being Treated As Hate CrimeTwo people were killed by the 21-year-old attacker.
  30. are you there god?
    Dancing Tampons to Embarrass Swedish Children Into Never Discussing Periods“Hooray for periods!”
  31. Frankenfood
    This Monstrous Swedish Pizza Is Even Worse Than Hot-Dog PizzaThis latest sacrilege involves a salad and fries.
  32. princesses!!!
    Sweden’s New Princess Was Formerly a Great WaitressA two-year stint at Serafina stands out on her packed résumé.
  33. Michelin
    Michelin’s First-Ever ‘Nordic Cities’ Guide Includes No 3-StarNot even Noma, which still rocks two.
  34. watch
    It Doesn’t Matter If Your Band Is Bad: A Feminist ArgumentAccording to a new coming-of-age film.
  35. goods
    One Designer’s Take on the Perfect Simple Summer WardrobeIt never goes out of style.
  36. q&a
    Meet the EU Parliament’s (Likely) First-Elected Feminist Party MemberTalking to Feminist Initiative party candidate Soraya Post — from Sweden, naturally.
  37. Cold Justice
    Swedish Millionaire Sabotages Ice-Cream Truck for Greater GoodHe warned them.
  38. meet the new designer
    Rodebjer: A Minimalist, Handmade Brand That Meryl Streep Has WornEverything this designer knows, she learned from her mother.
  39. other countries' embarrassments
    Swedish Politician’s Dick Pic Much More InnocentHe inadvertently posted it to Instagram while showing off a new tattoo.
  40. Amy Poehler and Her Brother Are Producing a TV Show in SwedenAmy Poehler is getting into the international TV business. THR reports that Poehler and her brother Greg have sold an English-language show to […]
  41. Swede It
    Så Brooklyn: How Kings County Became the Coolest Thing in Sweden“You can just slap the word ‘Brooklyn’ on anything and every f-cking hipster will buy it.”
  42. Woman Steals Train, Plows It Into ApartmentsWe doubt the photo was her intent, but it really is cool.
  43. Eje Berglund on Sweden’s Gävle Goat and Why People Keep Burning It DownAn odd Swedish tradition.
  44. Influence
    Swedish Chefs Finally Crawl Out From Under the Shadow of the MuppetsThese guys ferment everything and make vinegar from mushrooms.
  45. Ikea Wishes It Hadn’t Scrubbed Women From Saudi Arabia CatalogUltraconservative Islam and Scandinavian egalitarianism don’t mix well. 
  46. Swedish Man Is the World’s Worst Subway HeroHe robbed a drunk man who passed out on the tracks, then left him to die.
  47. asylum beauty
    Julian Assange Building Base Tan for EcuadorHe’s also working on his beach body.
  48. princes!!!
    Can’t a Prince Just Go to a Nightclub Without Getting Punched in the Face?What is the deal?
  49. Pack of Wolves Kills Zoo Worker in SwedenThe wolves surrounded her when she entered the enclosure.
  50. Sweden’s Twitter Account Took It a Little Far With the Nazi StuffAt first it was wacky, but now it might be over the line.
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