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  1. swine flu
    Swine Flu Hysteria Was Totally JustifiableIt killed a lot more people than originally thought.
  2. panic-demics
    Spa Treatments Cashing In on Swine FluCan an immune-boosting facial substitute for a vaccine?
  3. panic-demics
    Time to Get Your Dog a Flu MaskTime to stop kissing it, too.
  4. Mediavore
    Swine-Flu-Fighting Cocktails; Fifty Cent Settles With Taco BellPlus: Why Obama Fried Chicken’s sign is blurred in Clipse’s video, and Richard Branson turns his attention to food, all in our morning news roundup.
  5. Santas and Neckties Will Give You the FluIndirectly, of course.
  6. Today in Outrage: Goldman Sachs Is Taking Swine-Flu Vaccine From YOUR BABYGoldman and Citigroup both have doses of the swine-flu vaccine. But if the hordes of haters have anything to do with it, their at-risk employees may be out of luck.
  7. Swine Flu: The Violence BeginsThe tension on the subway turns violent.
  8. divas
    Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control JuiceDoesn’t he have some pumpkins to smash?
  9. Sasha and Malia Have Indeed Gotten Their H1N1 ShotsWhew!
  10. Eek! Sasha and Malia Aren’t Vaccinated for H1N1Let the controversy begin.
  11. Obama Declares H1N1 National EmergencyIn a statement this afternoon, President Obama declared the H1N1 flu “pandemic” a national emergency.
  12. she's just being miley
    Did Miley Cyrus Have Swine Flu?The rumor mill says yes.
  13. Health Workers Free to Contract Swine Flu If They PleaseA civil rights victory.
  14. No! Not the RobotsNo one is immune to swine flu.
  15. Congressman Hit By H1N1Announces on Twitter, naturally.
  16. Health Care Workers Prefer Just One Flu Vaccine, ThanksGetting the H1N1 vaccine doesn’t advance any “social interest,” apparently – except for the obvious not-getting-everyone-sick interest.
  17. Now Beer Pong Will Give You Swine FluIs nothing sacred?
  18. japan thinks of everything
    A Japanese Company Has Created a Swine-Flu-Defending SuitObviously, this is a very silly idea.
  19. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Swine FluYou will ask yourself questions like, “If I knew I would have this sore throat for the rest of my life, would I choose to go on living?” And the answer will be, “No.”
  20. What Do Marilyn Manson and Rachel Maddow Have in Common?Aside from an elegant bone structure?
  21. swine flu
    Most Important Backstreet Boy Contracts Swine FluThis week’s promotional appearances for the Backstreet Boys’ new album have been canceled following Brian Littrell’s tragic diagnosis with H1N1 today.
  22. pigging out
    Swine Flu Takes Down BonesWhere are the Jonas Brothers when you need them?
  23. Swine Flu Is Your New Excuse to Ditch MeetingsWe all have to make sacrifices.
  24. TARP-Supported Companies Outline Conditions Under Which They Can Still Use Private Jets1. It’s for business. 2. They’re afraid of swine flu.
  25. CBS’s Harry Smith Might Have Swine Flu, Might Just Be HumanAfter all, who isn’t achy after a 25-mile bike ride in the rain, followed by a night of dancing?
  26. Long Island Doctor’s Swine-Flu Rap Unexpectedly AwesomeStop the bedlam,” the good doctor rhymes. “If you think you’re infected, seek attention.”
  27. ‘H1N1 Influenza Is Here’The takeaway from the CDC’s press conference about swine flu.
  28. How to Save Yourself From Swine FluIt’s coming.
  29. Rachel Maddow Had Swine FluIt couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal.
  30. By the Way, One in Ten of You Had Swine FluThis spring, about 800,000 New Yorkers contracted the H1N1 virus.
  31. Mediavore
    Pomodoro vs. Pomodoro; Farm Profits Fall
  32. Swine Flu ‘Possibilities’ Get Scarier and ScarierStart working from home. Now.
  33. The Killer Between Our ToesYour flip-flops may be harboring secret weapons.
  34. swine flu
    Rupert Grint’s Immune System Is Even Stronger Than Hagrid“It was just like any other flu I have had before.”
  35. voldemort
    Rupert Grint Survives Bout With Swine FluSee, kids, this is EXACTLY why your parents tell you to pay attention during your Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
  36. Summer Camp Sounds Like It’s Going to Be Really Fun This YearSwine flu is ruining EVERYTHING.
  37. On the East End: Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Pulled Over, Lourdes PrimpsWhat you missed because you don’t have a share house.
  38. Swine Flu at AOL!As if the media isn’t plagued with enough problems, it’s now getting hit with an ACTUAL PLAGUE. The third installment in our series.
  39. Bloomberg: Flies Can Spread Swine Flu!Ahhh, it’s mutating! Everyone freak out!
  40. On the East End: Swine Flu 2, LiLo 0Didn’t make it to the Hamptons yet? Here’s everything that happened to everyone worth knowing.
  41. Confirmation of Swine Flu As Pandemic Makes Scientists Go ‘Meh’It is truly the only time ever that leading scientists and we here at Daily Intel have ever shared the same thought.
  42. By the Way, We All Have Swine FluMaybe that wasn’t allergies after all.
  43. Condé in Crisis: Swine Flu Hits GlamourFirst ‘Vogue,’ now this. Quarantine the pretty people!
  44. everybody freak out
    Swine Flu Hits VogueWe hope Anna is well!
  45. Swine Flu Hits VogueA Condé Nast memo just went out warning that an employee on the twelfth floor may have H1N1.
  46. We’re Officially Nervous About Swine Flu AgainThe “underlying conditions” we keep hearing about are really not that unusual.
  47. City Hopes Students’ Thirst for Knowledge Supercedes Impulse for FunStudents affected by schools closed by swine flu are going to the mall, despite the Department of Education’s wishes.
  48. Some Students Are Psyched About Swine FluHint: It’s not the ones who have to wait nine hours in the emergency room.
  49. Swine Flu: Not Just for the Outer Boroughs AnymoreA private school on the UES has shut its doors after students fell ill.
  50. First New Yorker Felled by Swine FluMitchell Weiner, a well-loved Queens assistant principal, succumbed to the disease last night.
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