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Tablet Stained Wretches

  1. Jeff Bezos Will Finally Pair Amazon and the Washington PostThe digital innovation the newspaper has been waiting for?
  2. IAC Found Someone to Buy Zombie NewsweekThe owners of the International Business Times.
  3. Zombie Newsweek Also Probably Doomed, Says Newsweek OwnerI wish I had not bought Newsweek. It was a mistake.”  
  4. Remembering The Daily: Former Staffers Saw This ComingRupert Murdoch, meanwhile, has already moved on.
  5. The Daily Never Really Stood a ChanceRupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper experiment has officially failed.
  6. The Huffington Post Will Now Give Away Its Tablet MagazineFor the first five issues it was 99 cents.
  7. Layoffs Hit Rupert Murdoch’s The DailyThe iPad newspaper is firing 50 of its 170 employees.
  8. The Daily Will Not Roll Over and DieRupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper is responding to rumors of its demise.
  9. Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily ‘On Watch’ in News Corp. SplitThe iPad tabloid will be reevaluated soon, according to insiders.
  10. The Daily Not Pleased With Reporter’s Iranian Ninjas TweetThe iPad newspaper threatened legal action against a disparaging former employee.
  11. Time Inc. to Name Laura Lang CEOThat concludes a nine-month search.
  12. Rupert Murdoch Funds Daily Reporter’s Hunter S. Thompson–Inspired Vegas VacationiPad newspaper goes gonzo.
  13. winning the future
    21 New Media InnovatorsA bumper crop of new jobs and new ways of reporting, created by people who are willing to throw themselves into the breach and experiment.
  14. Daily Managing Editor Pete Picton Jumps to Daily Mail [Updated]Another managing editor lost.
  15. The Daily Lost $10 Million Last QuarterThe plan is to lose less next time.
  16. iPad Users Who Like the News Think The Daily’s ‘Content Is Lacking’Ouch.
  17. the daily
    There’s an Article in The Daily Today About Twins in Akron, Ohio, One of Whom Is Black, and One WhiteSomebody’s getting a raise!
  18. The Daily Is the ‘Top Grossing’ iPad AppWhat the what?
  19. Stephen Colbert Does The Daily One BetterFinding the richest, oldest dog in South Dakota.
  20. The Daily Columnists Will Include Dan Wolken, Soo Yoon, and Jessica ValentiThe Murdoch tablet tabloid will develop its own voices.
  21. The Daily Will Launch, Without Steve Jobs, at Guggenheim Event WednesdayGet ready.
  22. The Daily Launch DelayedWe won’t see Rupert Murdoch’s tablet tabloid next Wednesday after all.
  23. In California, Steve Jobs Will Introduce the World to The DailyGet ready.
  24. Murdoch’s Tablet Tabloid, The Daily, to Debut Next WednesdayFire up your iPads!
  25. Murdoch’s The Daily Sues IMG’s The Daily, Saying Everyone Has the Right to Be Named The DailyThis is as annoying as it sounds.
  26. More Defections to News Corp.’s DailyMore names for Rupert’s latest pet project.
  27. So This News Corp. Tablet Tabloid Is Probably Something You Should Take SeriouslySome big names have headed over there, and more are coming.
  28. Sasha Frere-Jones Signs On to Murdoch’s Tablet TabloidMaybe this is really happening after all.