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    Artists Won the 5Pointz Case, But the Decision Was Terrible for ArtThe landowner who made his building a graffiti haven should not have been demonized.
  2. A Closer Look at the Increasingly Crazy End Tags From ‘Community’s Latest […]Not everyone is rushing to change the channel at the end of a show. People don’t always want their station to hurriedly flip over to the […]
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    Police Prevent Hipsters From Breaking Each Other’s Faces/Helping the ChildrenNYPD raids a charity event.
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    Survivor Recap: Immunity Idol Tug-o-WarDanielle and Amanda wrestle for a clue to the next hidden immunity idol, while a catatonic Colby makes a horrible ref.
  5. foreigners are fun
    Video: Seth Meyers Tells Roberto Cavalli How He Really FeelsThey both went on ‘Martha Stewart’ this morning, and it was great.
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    Os Gemeos Dedicate Their New Mural to Dash SnowVandals have also already tagged the mural with the phrase “Blog about this.”