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Take The Money And Run

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Mickey Rose, Woody Allen’s Original Writing Partner, Dies at 77

Comedy writer Mickey Rose passed away Sunday from cancer at the age of 77, The LA Times reports. Rose is best known for co-writing Woody Allen's first three movies with Allen: What's Up, Tiger Lily?, Take the Money and Run, and Bananas. Allen [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Simpson’s Harry Shearer Defends Voice Actors’ Position

Harry Shearer is now the first of the show's voice actors to address the ongoing Simpsons' negotiations, issuing a length statement in defense of the cast's perspective, which I recommend you read to yourself in the voice of either Principal [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Simpsons Producers Agree To Pay Cut, Might Not Be Enough

While The Simpsons cast pay cut still looms, the show's executive producers have allegedly committed to taking reduced salaries in an effort to keep the show going, which is great news since I am just not ready to say goodbye. The show's EP's [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Breaking News: Woody Allen Full of Doubt, Self-Loathing

Woody Allen, eternal optimist: "There’s no rhyme or reason to anything that I do. It’s whatever seems right at the time. I’ve never once in my life seen any film of mine after I put it out. Ever. I haven’t seen Take the Money and Run since [...]

By Adam Frucci