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Tax Returns

  1. How New York Could Force the Release of Trump’s Tax ReturnsAlbany is considering a bill that would publish the state returns of certain elected officials.
  2. 2005 Trump Tax Return Shows He Paid $38 Million in Taxes on $150 Million IncomeWithout the alternative minimum tax, which Trump wants to eliminate, he could have paid a rate of less than 4 percent.
  3. Conway Says Trump Is Officially Never Releasing His Tax ReturnsPlus: “Alternative facts.”
  4. Trump’s Tax Avoidance Was Perfectly Legal. That’s Why It’s an Issue.Clinton wants to close some of the loopholes Trump used. The GOP nominee wants to create more.
  5. Report: Trump May Not Have Paid Taxes for 18 YearsSomeone leaked a portion of Trump’s tax records to the New York Times.
  6. Report: Trump Received $885 Million in Tax Breaks for His New York EmpireHe used political connections and lawsuits to become a king of corporate welfare.
  7. Trump’s Son: If People Saw My Dad’s Tax Returns It Would Hurt Him PoliticallyDonald Jr. says if Trump releases his returns it would “detract from [his] main message.”
  8. Mike Pence Says He Will Release Tax Returns This WeekAs for Trump’s tax returns coming out before Election Day, Pence says, “we’ll see.”
  9. The Clintons Release Their Tax Returns, Made $10.6 Million in 2015The only fun anyone ever has with their tax returns is when they are used as a political cudgel.
  10. Trump Claims $10 Billion Net Worth in New FilingShow us the receipts, Donald.
  11. Donald Trump Is Never Going to Let You See His TaxesTrump also told the AP that he won’t be investing in a data operation and will rely on a large rally-based voter-targeting effort instead.
  12. big spendin'
    25 Fancy Handbags Worthy of Your Tax ReturnIt’s basically free money so you might as well spend it.
  13. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Release Partial Tax ReturnsThey are trying to bully Trump into releasing his. Good luck with that.
  14. Jeb Bush Has Made at Least $29 Million Since Leaving OfficeThe 2016 presidential candidate released 33 years’ worth of tax returns on Tuesday.
  15. Paul Ryan Paid a Higher Tax Rate Than Mitt Romney Because He’s Less RichWhat we learned from the vice-presidential candidate’s 2011 and 2010 tax returns.
  16. The Republicans Have Just About Had It with ReidWhich means it’s not going away.
  17. McCain ‘Personally Vouches’ for Romney’s ReturnsBut he still doesn’t think Romney should release them.
  18. Democrats Attack Romney Over Offshore Accounts, Revive Demands for Tax ReturnsAmericans poised to make history again by electing “first president with a Swiss bank account.”
  19. Romney Caves on Tax Returns, Will Release His on TuesdaySame day as Obama’s State of the Union speech.
  20. All the Candidates’ Tax ReturnsEach candidate comments on those elusive returns.