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Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Taxi: The Complete Series’

Thirty-four years ago today, a little sitcom about a New York cab company hit the air. Five seasons and a couple dozen awards later, Taxi was one of the classic American sitcoms. Get all the seasons together here and have a celebratory marathon [...]

By Robert Schoon

Yes, Dear By

Erik Adams wrote an interesting article for the A.V. Club yesterday, called, “Is television a medium without a past?” It’s about how while the film and music industries keep looking to the past for inspiration, to the point where original ideas [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. Always Sunny and Taxi vs. Fawlty Towers

The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is pitting 32 of the greatest episodes of funny TV shows ever produced against each other in a single-elimination winner-takes-all (well, takes-nothing) competition. Every day, we're putting up episodes [...]

By Adam Frucci

Ten Sitcoms You’d Be Surprised to Learn Have Fan Fiction

I may or may not have a friend, potentially a girl, who’s admitted to me that he or SHE’s read — and quite possibly even written — Gilmore Girls fan fiction. I might have laughed at him or HER at first, until I realized, “Wait, [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Think Twice, It’s Alright: the Best Two-Part Sitcom Episodes

It’s tough enough for TV writers to make viewers laugh for 22 minutes — to extend an episode’s length to 44 minutes, even spread over two weeks, that’s just downright crazy. But every so often, a sitcom plot will be spread over two [...]

By Bradford Evans and Josh Kurp