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  1. Man Hit by a Taxi, Punched in Face by PassengerIf this is Uber’s idea of guerrilla marketing, it is dark.
  2. Woman Stiffs Driver on $600 Fare to PennsylvaniaThat’s frowned upon.
  3. Uber Is Making NYC Cab Drivers NicerWhen Uber launched, cab complaints decreased.
  4. Taxi TV May Finally Go DarkYou may soon be able to ride in a cab without being force-fed Jimmy Kimmel clips.
  5. Siri Is Now One Step Closer to Ruling All Taxis in NYCThe New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission gets rid of tough geography questions on the taxi driver’s exam.
  6. Disillusioned Uber Drivers Can Turn Their Cars Into TaxisWith a coat of yellow paint.
  7. Why Many New York Drivers Prefer Lyft to UberWe took a sorta-scientific poll. The results were overwhelming.
  8. Why You Can’t Get a Taxi When It’s RainingIs it raining? Don’t even try to get a taxi, science says. 
  9. Judge Approves Surcharge to Make NYC Taxis Wheelchair AccessibleComparing it to Jackie Robinson joining the Dodgers.
  10. Most Cab Drivers Don’t Do Drugs That, or they’re really sneaky about it.
  11. Mayor de Blasio Proposes Surcharge to Make More Taxis Wheelchair-AccessibleThe proposed change would cost passengers 30 cents per ride.
  12. Beautiful Interactive Map Displays a Year of Taxi Rides And the benefits of splitting a fare.
  13. What Are the Chances of Getting Courtney Love’s Taxi?On any given ride, it’s about 0.00044%.
  14. Cab Driver Allegedly Chased Down Woman, Stabbed Her to Death in Jealous RageHe was arrested at the scene.
  15. The NYPD’s Spy Cab Looks Just Like a Regular CabLook for it outside your local mosque.
  16. Cab Driver Who Crushed Tourist’s Leg on Sidewalk Not Charged (Yet?)The NYPD is investigating, but, so far, just a small fine.
  17. Dr. Oz Appeared at the Scene of a Serious Midtown Taxi AccidentA tourist lost a leg.
  18. Cab Driver Loses License for Harassing Passenger With Terrible Pickup LinesReminiscent of Austin Powers.
  19. Cabbie of the Year Wants to Make Sure You Are Properly Air-Conditioned [Updated]He rigged a tube to carry the air to the backseat. 
  20. Taxi Trivia Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And it’s coming to a cab near you.
  21. Soon You Can Use Your Smartphone to Hail a TaxiA judge said it was okay.
  22. Taxi of Tomorrow of Tomorrow Takes Forever to Fill UpWith electricity, that is.
  23. Soon Your Taxi Ride Might Be Less DisgustingCity Council doesn’t find that authentic stench charming.
  24. Health Concerns
    Food Network’s Marc Summers Warns of the Hazards Posed By Philly’sThe credit card machine that busted up his face might be illegal.
  25. NYC Taxis Not Quite Ready for the Way of the FutureTransportation apps Uber and Square are both pulling up short.
  26. Tomorrow’s Taxi Ride May Be More ExpensiveIf you’re lucky enough to hail a cab using the new rates.
  27. NYC Taxis to Use Only ‘T’ as Logo, Just Like BostonWe can do better.
  28. Now You Can Hail a New York City Cab With Your SmartphoneThere’s an app for that.
  29. 17 Percent Taxi Rate Hike Plan Expected to Pass on ThursdayA bit more, every fifth of a mile.
  30. Scott Stringer Backs Bloomberg’s Taxi Plan in Outerborough OutreachDirectly in opposition to Bill de Blasio.
  31. Twin Girls Delivered in Hospital, Back Seat of TaxiThis probably wasn’t in their birthing plan.
  32. Three Car Pileup Near JFK Leaves Two DeadA cabbie and a passenger.
  33. Fare Hike Not Likely to Make Driving a Taxi Any Easier, More LucrativeTheir profits have been declining for years.
  34. Cab Fares Might Be 20 Percent More Expensive by JulyIt would be the first fare increase since 2006.
  35. Cab Drivers Still Fighting Livery BillThey filed for an injunction yesterday.
  36. Massive Credit Card Breach Linked to NYC Parking Garage, Taxi CompanyAs many as 10 million cards compromised.
  37. Brooklyn Is Generous With Cabbie TipsWhether out of generosity or necessity.
  38. Cabbie Struck by Drunk Driver Remains in Coma, Leg AmputatedThe driver was hit last week while unloading luggage from his trunk.
  39. Twitter Founder Wants to Put Tablets in Your TaxiThese modern times of ours. 
  40. Kabobs
    A Turkish Restaurant Review by Way of a CabbieThanks for the tip.
  41. Etiquette Expert Offers Questionable Advice on the Topic of UpstreamingThe return of an age-old debate. 
  42. Why Don’t You Buckle Up in Cabs?It’s not like your driver is wildly speeding and swerving through traffic or anything.
  43. Judge: Taxi Fleet Discriminates Against Disabled RidersPlan for outer-borough livery cabs is now on hold.
  44. Taxi Deal to Send Cabs to an Outer Borough Near YouThousands of livery cabs will now be permitted to pick up fares in underserved areas of the city.
  45. Riders Base Tips on Cabbies’ Trivia KnowledgeThe game for people who feel that their cab driver is paying just a little too much attention to the road.
  46. Man Believes He Stopped Cabs From Honking So MuchNo way.
  47. Cab Drivers Asked to Honk LessYeah, right.
  48. Taxi Medallions Hit $1 Million MarkThe first batch went for $10 apiece.
  49. Taxis Could Scrap Confusing ‘Off Duty’ LightOne light might work more effectively.
  50. Meet an Italian-American Sikh Female Taxi DriverWe’re adding Maria Provenzano Singh to the list of cabbies we hope to hail someday.
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