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  1. people's choice
    The Best Robot Vacuums on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Sometimes I waste hours of my time just staring at it because I am so amazed by the technology.”
  2. trust me i should know
    What I Tell My Friends Who Ask Me What Digital Camera to BuyWhether they’re looking for a digital SLR, the best point-and-shoot, or something waterproof for kids — all for under $1,000.
  3. get it together
    The Brand-new Dyson V10 Picked Up All the Fuzzies My Bissell Left BehindThe future of vacuums is looking pretty great.
  4. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Helen Hou-Sandí’s Favorite Gadgets?The lead developer at WordPress on the standing-desk converter, smart thermostat, and fitness tracker she loves.
  5. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Alisha Bland’s Favorite Gadgets?Square’s packaging program manager shares her love of Samsung and the headphones she always keeps around her neck.
  6. my gizmos
    Ask a Tech Person: What Are Sarah Drasner’s Favorite Gadgets?The senior developer advocate at Microsoft shares which VR set, brain-sensing headset, and smart desk she’s into.
  7. tech talk
    How to Create a Perfect Home-Entertainment SetupDon’t you want your loved ones to have the best-possible time watching YouTube videos on their 60-inch flat screen?
  8. tech talk
    Let Us Guide Your Mobile-Entertainment GiftingDon’t you want your loved ones to have the best possible time watching Everest on their iPhones?