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Terrible Ideas

  1. terrible ideas
    Pablo Escobar’s Brother Suggests Netflix Hire Actual Hit Men for Narcos Security“You have to eliminate all threats.”
  2. terrible ideas
    Rubbing Chile on a Tampon Is a Terrible PrankBad idea all around.
  3. try the hologram of veal
    Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx Holograms to TourExcited to see a hologram of Kaufman reading The Great Gatsby.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Drunk Driver Makes It Easy on CopsCrashes into NYPD headquarters, blames his GPS.
  5. terrible ideas
    Drunk Guy Steals Full Limo, Promptly CrashesAnother reason to never take a limo.
  6. terrible ideas
    White Florida Man Dresses As Dead Trayvon Martin for Halloween“Anything for the laugh.”
  7. other countries' embarrassments
    Worst Teacher Ever Made Students Cut Themselves With Razor Blades in ClassFor art! Or something!
  8. Terrible Ideas
    Now This Is Happening: A New York Foodie Dating ShowHo-boy.
  9. The @ElBloombito Twitter Account May Be Getting a Book Deal, Iowa Writing […]Rachel Figueroa-Levin, the woman behind the @ElBloombito parody account of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s poor grasp of the Spanish language […]
  10. terrible ideas
    This School in England Is the Worst School EverWho thought a fake school shooting was a good idea?