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  1. 24 legacy
    24: Legacy Producers: Muslim Terrorist Attack Was Intentionally ‘Inflammatory’“The series begins as if it was written by Trump, but it ends as if it were written by Hillary.”
  2. Machete Attacker Shot Outside Louvre, Prompting Trump TweetCalled a “terrorist” incident, the attack resulted in a lockdown at the museum, but no deaths.
  3. Trump’s Silence on White Supremacist Terror Is Political Correctness Run AmokThe president is too afraid of offending oversensitive conservatives to protect America against radical racist terrorism.
  4. 27-Year-Old ‘Right-Wing Troll’ Charged With Murder in Quebec Mosque ShootingSix people were killed during evening prayers.
  5. ISIS Calls Istanbul Shooter a ‘Heroic Soldier’ As Manhunt ContinuesPolice have arrested eight in connection with the attack but the shooter is not among them.
  6. awful things
    Istanbul Nightclub Attack Kills 39, Gunman Still at LargeA lone attacker opened fire inside an affluent club a little more than an hour after partygoers had celebrated the new year.
  7. Australian Authorities Say They Stopped a ‘Substantial’ Terror PlotFive men allegedly planned to attack busy spots in Melbourne.
  8. The Berlin Attacker Was Suspected of Terrorist Ties. How Did He Slip Through?The manhunt continues for Anis Amri.
  9. Trump’s Mixed Signals on How He Sees TerrorismThough he seemed to walk it back later, his initial reaction to the attack in Berlin was to identify with the victims only as “Christians.”
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    White Supremacist Gets 30 Years for Anti-Muslim Death-Ray PlotHe described himself as a cross between Darth Vader and Forrest Gump.
  11. apocalyptic scenarios
    Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed’“Don’t forget that date and his hubris as we bury the dead next year.”
  12. bomb scares
    Lufthansa Flight Diverted to JFK After ‘Credible’ Bomb ThreatAll passengers deplaned safely, and the bomb squad cleared the plane after its search.
  13. awful things
    At Least 25 Killed in Egypt Cathedral BlastThe bomb, packed with shrapnel, tore through a women’s worship hall at one of Cairo’s more important Coptic churches.
  14. international affairs
    Kurdish Militants Claim Responsibility for Deadly Twin Bombings in IstanbulThe attack killed 38 people, including 31 police officers, and injured more than 160.
  15. representation
    Quantico Will Never Feature a Muslim TerroristThat’s showrunner Josh Safran’s rule.
  16. terrorism
    Police Detonate a Suspected Bomb Near the U.S. Embassy in ManilaNobody was hurt in the controlled blast.
  17. Protecting Trump Family Costs NYC More than $1 Million a DayThe NYPD is required to assist the Secret Service and it’s not cheap.
  18. What I Learned About Terrorism by Talking With My Father’s KidnapperThere is a smart way to “make America safe again.”
  19. ISIS Says It’s Behind Attack in Pakistan That Leaves More Than 60 People DeadOfficials have not confirmed the terror group’s claim about the assault that also left more than 115 wounded at a police cadet academy in Quetta.
  20. boko haram
    21 of the Schoolgirls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Reunite With Their FamiliesThe Nigerian government is reportedly negotiating for the release of 83 more.
  21. 21 of the Schoolgirls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Reunite With Their FamiliesThe Nigerian government is reportedly negotiating for the release of 83 more.
  22. Two Belgian Police Officers Stabbed in Potential ‘Terror-Related’ AttackThe suspect is a 43-year-old Belgian citizen.
  23. chelsea bombing
    Men Who Found and Discarded Chelsea Bomb Were Visiting Egyptian Security GuardsThey apparently thought the homemade bomb was just a pot and left it behind.
  24. law and order
    The ACLU Will Temporarily Defend Alleged Chelsea Bomber Ahmad Khan RahamiThe ACLU called his lack of representation “extremely disturbing.”
  25. Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Name-drops Obscure ISIS Terrorist in 911 TranscriptsHe demanded the end to U.S. air strikes.
  26. There’s No Explanation for Lone-Wolf Attacks, and Our Brains Can’t Handle ThatIt would be nice if there were some one-size-fits-all narrative that could explain Ahmad Khan Rahami and others like him, but there just isn’t.
  27. Feds Say Bombing Suspect Rahami Had Been Planning Attacks Since at Least JuneFederal prosecutors in New York and New Jersey charged him for this weekend’s bombing incidents.
  28. Father of Bombing Suspect Told Police His Son Was a Terrorist Two Years AgoThe 28-year-old Rahami also wrote rambling notes that mentioned the Boston Marathon bombers and other terrorists.
  29. There’s a Certain Kind of Terror Threat That’s More Likely to Benefit TrumpA huge attack could sober Americans and even unite them behind the current president. Smaller incidents tend to feed fear and rage.
  30. Clinton: Trump’s Rhetoric Gives Aid and Comfort to Our EnemiesClinton accuses Trump of aiding ISIS with his intolerant rhetoric and calls on Silicon Valley to remove terrorist propaganda from the internet.
  31. the national interest
    Donald Trump Has Secret Plan to Destroy ISIS by Using ProfanityIt is so simple it is almost brilliant.
  32. Trump: America Needs to Racially Profile Muslims Like They Do in IsraelHe also predicted more attacks following the NYC bombing and congratulated himself for declaring it a bombing before the NYPD did.
  33. scary things
    Pipe Bombs Found in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Train Station, and One ExplodesIt went off as the bomb squad was trying to disarm it.
  34. America Has Spent Nearly $5 Trillion on Wars Since 9/11And we may be less safe now than before we made that investment.
  35. 3 Women Arrested for ‘Imminent’ ISIS-Inspired Attack on Paris StationAll were linked to a car full of gas canisters found near Notre Dame cathedral this weekend.
  36. A Terrorism Researcher Makes the Case for HopeRight now it seems like ISIS is taking over the world, but some perspective is useful.
  37. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Charlie Hebdo DocPremiering on September 19.
  38. terrorism
    Suicide Bomber Kills More Than 50 at Wedding in TurkeyTurkish authorities believe it was an ISIS attack, and the bomber was as young as 12 years old.
  39. Trump Says Fight Against ISIS Could Require Racial ProfilingHe also said that he would “throw out” Muslims with “extreme views” like the Orlando shooter’s father.
  40. international affairs
    Two Belgian Police Officers Wounded in ISIS-Claimed Machete AttackThe assailant, a 33-year-old Algerian man known to police as a common criminal, was shot and killed.
  41. scary things
    American Woman Killed in Fatal London Knife AttackMetropolitan police say they believe the attacker is mentally ill. Authorities have found no evidence of terrorist motivation.
  42. ISIS Claims Role in German Music-Festival BlastThe man, who was denied asylum in Germany, blew himself up, injuring 15. This was the fourth attack in Germany in a week.
  43. scary things
    ISIS Claims to Be Behind Ax Attack on German TrainA 17-year-old Afghan migrant wounded five before being shot and killed by police. 
  44. the body politic
    What Mass Killers Really Have in CommonThe horrific connection between terrorism and domestic violence.
  45. the national interest
    Donald Trump’s Brain Trust Has Some Ideas About How to Fight TerrorismLet’s consider these proposals with all the seriousness they deserve.
  46. awful things
    At Least 120 Dead After ISIS Car-Bomb Attack on Baghdad Shopping DistrictIt’s the third major terror attack in a Muslim country that has been linked to ISIS in less than a week.
  47. awful things
    20 Dead, Mostly Foreigners, After Terror Attack on Restaurant in BangladeshThe well-organized attack by suspected Islamist militants struck one of the most affluent and secure neighborhoods in Dhaka, and follows years of extremist violence in Bangladesh.
  48. The American People Think Donald Trump Is Weak on TerrorA new poll finds that Americans vastly preferred Clinton’s response to the Orlando shooting and have little faith in Trump on issues of national security.
  49. No, Elizabeth Warren, the GOP Didn’t Vote to ‘Sell Weapons to ISIS’Democrats are now equating concern for the due-process rights of people on the terror watch list with treason. That’s bad.
  50. cybersecurity
    Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York CityThe day cars drove themselves into walls and the hospitals froze. A scenario that could happen based on what already has.
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