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The A List

  1. blame marketing
    Joe Carnahan Blames Marketing for A-Team’s Box-Office FailureBut he’s still hoping for a sequel.
  2. gays of our lives
    Bravo’s Gay Reality Show Still in Planning Phase, Would Feature ‘Less Drama’Than the drama-filled Logo show ‘The A-List,’ that is.
  3. 'mocialites
    Why Andy Cohen’s New Gay Show Will Hopefully Succeed by Failing at Its Goal [Updated]We have some thoughts about ‘From the Bottom to the Top.’
  4. clickables
    Meet Brooklyn’s Gluten-Free Answer to The A-List’The B-List’: just a letter away from all the other letters.
  5. 'mocialites
    We Survived the Premiere Party for Logo’s A-ListAs for the rest of the series, we’re not so sure.
  6. things that are bad for the gays
    What, According to the New Logo TV Show, Is the Gay A-List?You might actually not want to know.
  7. weekend box office
    Jaden Smith Defeats Shrek at the Box OfficeHeigl’s film isn’t earning impressive numbers.
  8. 'mocialites
    Horror of The A List, Logo’s Gay-Socialites Show, to Be Unleashed Upon Us This FallGird your loins.